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  • Josh H. - Not as advertised

    I bought this cable with the need to connect my mangavox VCR up to my flat screen tv. HOWEVER... I found the cable could not quite reach. Distressed, i decided to measure the cable and found that it wasn't the 6.56 feet that purchased, but only 6.4 feet! It was very disappointing because i thought i had finally found the correctly sized cord for my entertainment system. When i contacted audioquest the representative was very rude, and spent 2 hours telling me that they did not sell 2meter cables in the first place.

  • Jenny - Use it a lot, but miss being able to burn shows.

    I've used this several years, making photoshows of family and friend events. I love it but some find it difficult to navigate. The one thing I really miss is not being able to burn shows anymore onto DVDs. It used to, but not anymore.

  • Steven A Hall - Love Obama? Probably not the calendar for you

    I absolutely love this calendar. Dates inside mark major events of the administration. These include signed bills, cabinet changes and more. There are also added Joe Biden and Bill Clinton quotes. All of the negative reviews concerning this calendar have nothing to do with the product itself and are from people that no doubt live sad, pathetic lives. Try to imagine viewing life through something other than a racial prism.

  • MarkBC - No Year-Titled Editions Anymore

    FYI: According to PC Magazine's review of this product, Norton/Symantec no longer puts a Year edition (e.g., "2012") on their product, so you won't see a version CALLED "2013"...but this IS the newest version, nevertheless.

  • Karen M. Skwartz - Kaspersky Internet Security 2014

    I have been using this software since 2008 when I had a virus on my old computer. Always did a good job protecting my pc. This year I purchased from Amazon instead of going to Fry's and paying $79.99 plus tax. The version was installed on 12/31/13 after removing the Kaspersky 2013. It went to the website and grabbed some foreign update and the computer was not working right at all for about 3 1/2 months. I finally uninstalled it, and re-installed it since there were 3 users. Now, as expected, my pc runs perfectly good again.