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SMHRN | Scottish Mental Health Research Network - Scottish Mental Health Research Network | The Scottish Mental Health Research Network was set up in Spring 2007 to support multicentre clinical trials in mental health. The proposed Network’s guiding principles are to: Focus effort on creating and developing sustainable cutting edge expertise and capacity for mental multicentre trials in Scotland.Establish an effective mental research collaboration by developing robust linkages between: (a) Scottish geographical areas as represented by the four clinical medical schools and NHS services; (b) University researchers, NHS clinicians and patients/users.Link the Scottish MHRN with that of the other parts of the UK to form a UK wide Mental Health Research Network.

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  • Reviews from the Heart - ... dangerous story that I couldn’t get enough of and loved reading! Michael isn’t a hero and doesn’t pretend ...

    This is a deliciously dark and dangerous story that I couldn’t get enough of and loved reading! Michael isn’t a hero and doesn’t pretend to be anything more than the jerk that he’s proud to be. He’s got a hard earned and well-deserved reputation for being the one even the worst of the worst call on whenever they need a difficult situation taken care of. He was abandoned by everyone that was supposed to care for him from birth and it’s shaped him into someone that people say has no soul. It’s hard not to fall for the guy when you hear everything he’s been through and no matter how tough he strives to appear on the outside, I found myself just wanting to give the guy a big hug since he’s so much more than he thinks he is. His most recent job has unfortunately put him in the middle of some pretty serious stuff going on and to say everything goes sideways in a big way is quite an understatement. Sofia is a cop and the polar opposite of Michael in every way possible. These two are the perfect example of the belief that opposites attract and I loved them together! This is a highly intriguing story filled with danger around every corner and I loved reading this! I highly recommend this to anyone to read and I look forward to much more from this author in the future.

  • BigPaco - This is a steal!

    The fact that it didn't come damaged is a big plus! I say that because this was shipped in its original retail packaging and that's it. Not extra protection. Which worried me but the monitor was In tacked.

  • Amazon Customer - Plays like the yearly fifa game

    Plays like the yearly fifa game. After you win the cup once you won't play it again. No replay value.