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  • Parcival - Very, Very Irritated

    Quite aside from the annoying DRM issue, I've heard from 2 friends who now have played it that it has been massively dumbed down, which is deeply ironic to me, because CLEARLY the people who have been waiting with huge anticipation to buy this game are not people who want to play a typical, obvious or simple game. The fascination with this game has been 100% about the deep, implied complexity of tinkering with creatures within the context of evolution, of the way species change and compete, of building things in one phase that seriously effect those in another. I have heard that NONE of these promises (in articles, interviews and countless previews of the game) have been carried through with anything but a superficial and almost insulting manner (in that these promises were essentially about a game they decided not publish, for fear of scaring away the supposedly revenue-driving middlebrow public). Here's one example: in the final version of the game, you can change a creature in every phase... without consequence, based on whim, doesn't matter what happened before. What a tragedy!! Clearly Maxis lost their nerve, or the executive team of EA -- with its almost genius capacity to destroy or lobotomize anything with true originality -- squashed the game down to the 3rd grade level.

  • Ayman Mohsen - Very efficient product , I totally recommend

    In just one month I started to see the growth of new hair in my fore head and in 3 month many of my friends noticed the difference in my hair.

  • Elizabeth Barajas - Lots of explaining words

    The children enjoyed this book, however many words were new to them and explanations sometimes took a while. All kids think their dad is a super hero. This book kept their attention and they learned somethings.

  • Jack - "Works", but not as a permanent solution. Completely unusable in a practical manner because app is ALWAYS trying to connect...

    Well. It was an awesome idea... and I put the thing in my wallet... But, as other comments said (which I recklessly disregarded) it constantly (and i mean constantly tries to bluetooth to the phone. I had to unpair it. It would try to pair during calls, during anything I was doing on the phone. I might try to get it to work again. The concept is good, but... If there is a major step that I am missing, it certainly is not in the instructions. Bluetooth is not my preferred way to do this, but this seems to be the only idea out that at the moment...

  • Stacey Tuttle - Avoid. Product design issue.

    Batteries do not fit securely, so the unit cannot even be used. Bought this as part of a care package for son going away to college, and of course the first time he gets sick, we discover the issue with the battery compartment.