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  • Amway business model - Amway business model

    Can Any Amway/Quixtar's IBO, Direct, or Diamond answer/explain the 7 fundamental questions I posed below?

  • Amazon Customer - I love this thing.

    Best version of the game available, you don't need to buy any other Just Dance game. This thing includes them all plus more.

  • Lisa - Very nourishing oil!

    I received this product so that my significant other could use it. He doesn't have a lot of facial hair and doesn't grow it very long but he has very sensitive skin and is not immune to ingrown hairs and other issues that can result from using products with any ingredients that are not natural. This product really has such a nice list of ingredients there really is no reason a person couldn't use it as a moisturizer for the face or anywhere else. This oil seemed to help right away with a few of the superficial ingrown hairs because it seemed to help with the dry dead skin that sits on top of all of our skin and traps pores along with hairs deep inside. It also seemed to help heal the dry patches of skin around the few spots of adult acne he has for the same reason stated above. His facial hair isn't long enough to need much of any help but it did seem to moisturize the hair and keep it in place and more tame looking without much work on his part.

  • Earthenvesel - Book Binding is Defective

    After reading just two chapters, the pages began to fall out. I returned it and Amazon quickly replaced it. The replacement was just as bad. I did not return it. I am using the electronic version on the CD that came with the book. If you prefer to use the physical book, it will not withstand even light use.

  • Dangrdonna - Accidental step relationship

    I loved these characters. Max and Lola Grace meet in a bar the night before he's to get married. She doesn't know that. Max takes her back to his place and they make fireworks. He knows she isn't like his other one night stands but can't get out of his situation. She knows he could be the one.