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Don Revis MD - South Florida Plastic Surgery - Fort Lauderdale CosmeticSurgeon - Plastic Surgeon Don Revis, MD specializes in primary and revision breast augmentation, breast lifts, liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and face lifts. Complimentary consultations. International patients welcome.

  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/meet-dr-revis.html Don R. Revis, MD - Cirriculum Vitae - Education, Training, Licenses, Memberships - Don Revis, MD, specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery, including breast augmentation,liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, face lifts. Dedicated to plastic surgical excellence.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/photo-gallery.html Before & After Photos - Plastic Surgery by Dr. Revis Fort Lauderdale FL - Before and after picture gallery by double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Don Revis.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/procedures/procedures.html Don Revis, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon - Procedures at South Florida CosmeticPlastic Surgery - Don Revis, MD, specializes in breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, face lift, brow lift, Botox, dermal fillers.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/patient-testimonials.html Patient Testimonials - Don Revis, MD - South Florida Plastic Surgery Associates - Thank you letters and patient testimonials of Don R. Revis, MD FACS in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/info-for-out-of-town-patients.html Information for Out of Town Patients of Dr. Revis - South Florida Plastic Surgery Associates - Hotel, airport and other information for people traveling from other states and countries to see cosmetic plastic surgeon Don Revis, MD. Patients have come to see cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Revis in South Florida from more than 34 states and 25 countries around the world.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/our-staff.html Staff of South Florida Plastic Surgery Associates - Fort Lauderdale - The staff of South Florida Plastic Surgery Associates in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/location.html Office Location, Hours & Driving Directions - Don R. Revis, MD - South Florida Plastic Surgery Associates - Office location, hours, driving directions and map to South Florida Plastic Surgery Associates in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/payment-options.html Payment Options - South Florida Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Associates - Don Revis, MD, offers several payment options for cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, including credit cards, checks and cash. We also suggest cosmetic surgery financing companies as an option to our patients.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/patient-guide.html Patient Guide - Preparing for Your Plastic Surgery Procedure - Resources that you may find helpful in preparing for your plastic surgery procedure.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/how-to-choose-a-plastic-surgeon.html How to Select a Plastic Surgeon - Don Revis, MD - Fort Lauderdale, FloridaCosmetic Surgery - Tips on how to choose your plastic surgeon. Don Revis, MD, specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery, including breast augmentation and revision, liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and face lifts.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/importance-of-board-certification.html Why is Board Certification Important for a Plastic Surgeon? Which Certifications are Most Relevant? - A key element in selecting a plastic surgeon is the status of the physician's board certification. How to sort out the often confusing array of boards, societies, memberships, specialties, certification and other terms you may find on a cosmetic surgeon's resume.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/your-plastic-surgery-consultation.html What You Should Expect from your Plastic Surgery Consultation with Dr.Revis - What to expect from your complimentary plastic surgery consultation with Don Revis, MD, FACS. Dr. Revis specializes in primary and revision breast augmentation, breast lifts, liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, face lifts.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/office-overview.html About Our Office - Don R. Revis, MD - South Florida Plastic Surgery Associates - Don Revis, MD, PA - Double board certified plastic surgeon in South Florida. Author of 26 chapters for an online medical textbook available to the general public and other healthcare professionals.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/mentor-lead-council.html Dr. Revis on Mentor Worldwide LEAD Council - Dr. Don Revis has been selected as one of only 35 surgeons to be a member of Mentor's LEAD Program Advisory Board.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/our-practice-video.html Dr. Revis Video: Introduction to My Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Practice - Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Video of Dr. Revis talking about his plastic surgery pratice in his state of the art Fort Lauderdale facility.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/procedures/breast-augmentation.html South Florida Breast Augmentation - Don Revis, MD, Board Certified PlasticSurgeon - Dr. Revis specializes in breast augmentation surgery, also known as breast enlargement, using silicone gel and saline implants. Hundreds of primary and revision breast procedures performed yearly. Cosmetic surgery office located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/procedures/xl-breast-augmentation.html XL Breast Augmentation - Extra Large Breast Implants - Extra large breast augmentation using both silicone and saline breast implants, from 600cc to 2,500cc.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/procedures/breast-augmentation-revision.html Breast Augmentation Revision Specialist - Breast Implant Revision Repair - Don Revis, MD, specializes in breast augmentation revision, breast implant repair and performs hundreds of breast surgeries yearly in his plastic surgery practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Before & after photos. Developer of the internal bra technique for breast revision surgery.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/procedures/internal-bra-technique.html Internal Bra Procedure for Breast Implant Repair of Symmastia Bottoming Out Double Bubble - The Internal Bra procedure is a special surgical technique for repairing synmastia, bottoming out and double bubble problems with breast implants.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/procedures/synmastia-symmastia-repair.html Symmastia Synmastia Repair - Breast Implant Complication - Dr. Revis corrects synmastia, also known as symmastia, uniboob or breadloafing, which is when one or both breast implants are positioned too close to the midline over the breastbone (sternum). The pockets, or capsules, surrounding the implants are too medially placed.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/procedures/capsular-contracture-repair.html Capsular Contracture Repair Surgery - Breast Implant Complication - Capsular contracture is a complication of breast augmentation, where hard scar tissue forms a capsule around the implant. Dr. Revis treats capsular contracture and also uses surgical and other methods to avoid it in primary breast augmentation.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/keller-funnel-for-silicone-breast-implants.html Keller Funnel 2: Newest Procedure for Placement of Silicone Breast Implants - Dr. Revis uses the Keller Funnel 2 for all silicone breast augmentation procedures, for increased safety, smaller incisions and less trauma to implant and tissue.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/procedures/rapid-recovery.html Rapid Recovery from Breast Augmentation Surgery - All about Rapid Recovery, Quick Recovery, Flash Recovery and One-Day Recovery from breast augmentation surgery.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/procedures/breast-lift.html Breast Lift Mastopexy - Fort Lauderdale Florida - Breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure to lift the breasts. Dr. Revis corrects sagging of the breasts with a breast lift, often accompanied by breast augmentation with saline or silicone gel implants.
  • http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/procedures/breast-reduction.html Breast Reduction Mammaplasty at South Florida Plastic Surgery Associates- Photo Gallery - Breast reduction, or reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of a woman's breasts, to treat chronic pain, skin irritation, discomfort, shoulder grooves or embarrassment caused by large breasts.

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