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Southview Animal Hospital - Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, West Saint Paul, South Saint Paul, Twin Cities - Southview Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary medical facility located in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and health-related education for our clients. Southview Animal Hospital strives to offer excellence in veterinary care. Please take a moment to learn more about our veterinary practice and to find out how Southview Animal Hospital can serve the needs of you and your cherished pet.

  • http://www.southviewanimalhospital.com/services.html Southview Animal Hospital - Services - The veterinarians and staff at Southview Animal Hospital are ready to provide your pet with cutting edge veterinary medical care. From wellness exams and vaccines to advanced diagnostics and complex surgical procedures, your dog, cat or ferret will receive high quality care at our hospital.
  • http://www.southviewanimalhospital.com/our_staff.html Southview Animal Hospital - Our Staff - Our professional and courteous staff, including veterinarians Michael Foster, John Newman, DVM, PHD, Jennifer Herzog, DVM, Susan Burnett, Catherine Angle, Emmy Hartman, Erin Godinez, and Hal Brown, provides the best possible medical, surgical and dental care for our highly-valued patients.

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  • anonymous - unhappy

    Bottle is supposed to last at least 30 days. After 2 weeks, bottles were empty. (bought 4 plus additional refills) Customer service at Comfort Zone was very rude. They blamed my house. If the items were defective, only then would they be replaced. I needed to return the entire unit to them (at my expense), so they could determine if defective. If items were returned, then would not be able to use the extra refills purchased. Will not ever purchase Comfort Zone products again.

  • cryomerlin - surprisingly great............a top notch razor

    I ordered this a few weeks ago and wanted to put it through its paces before writing a review. I have been a gillette fusion user for about 6 years, or whenever the fusion first hit the market. The fusion is a great blade, but the cost of cartridge replacement is just ridiculous. After my last attempt to get fusion blades at a reasonable price on ebay (I refuse to pay the store prices), I became convinced all of the replacement cartridges on ebay are stolen, and it didn't sit well with me. So a friend told me about Dorco, and I decided to try them. After using this Dorco for two weeks, I am still on the first blade. It shaves remarkably smooth. It is every bit as smooth as the fusion, if not more so. It is incredibly well built, and the cartridges attach securely to the handle. The handle is a heavy metal, like the fusion. I believe Dorco is a korean company, and the cartridges are made in Korea, while the handle is made in China. Some have complained that the razor strip on the back of the cartridge is too far recessed, but I have not had any issues with it, and it trims around my nose nicely.

  • James F. Pettry - Doesn't work for everyone

    Tried to use this product on 3 different occasions, left it on for the specified duration the 1st time and it didn't remove any hair at all... so when attempting it the 2nd and 3rd time I left it on for longer than the instructions stated with still no results. Never felt the tingle or burning some reviewers mentioned

  • Amazon Customer - Returned it as my daughter wanted the Ultimate edition instead ...

    Returned it as my daughter wanted the Ultimate edition instead but I will say she loves the Just Dance games.

  • Lynn Schreiner - Nothing New

    I just updated from S&T 2010. If they made any functional improvements in 2013 they are very difficult to find. It still has a number of frustrating bugs that have been there for years! You still can't delete a GPS trail. When you copy a push-pin from one map to another a lot of the data (like the street address) is lost. When you export and then import a GPX file, the push pins symbols all are changed to grey squares - the name and other info is lost. I still like it more than other mapping software for planning long trips. If only they would fix the damn bugs.

  • Sue L. Pinkerton - Great fast read

    The author gives all info needed to be able to enjoy and get caught up on this series. Read this short story first, then the series. Love the groundwork he builds to prepare you for the rest of the books.

  • DEG 2015 - Amazing perfect fit

    Quality mats.They fit perfectly ( both front and back).and install very easy in my 2016 Jeep Renegade.A softer rubber,yet seems durable too.Another brand that starts with the letter "W" and not the company where you custom order but the other one were very stiff and did not fit well in my girlfriends Honda Accord.I'm glad I ordered these.. It took less than one week to get these delivered.