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  • http://www.starayurveda.com/hair-loss-treatment.php Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss | Hair Loss Treatment | Home Remedies for Hair Loss - Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss - Star Ayurveda Hair Loss Treatment Clinics in India, Provides the best hair-loss treatments and Ayurveda Home Remedies for Hair Care in Hyderabad

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  • Amazon Customer - excelent buy

    Very easy instal. Had previously had to wire a different setup with LED blinkers and had to cut into some wires so i was a little worried i may have to do some work on these since my setup before had required me to do so but this was a simple plug and play directly to the plugs. so unless you have completely torn up your harness this is a simple instal. also if you have already replaced the relay for LEDs you dont need to reinstal a factory one. mine runs perfect with the LED flasher relay from a previous install without any LED bulbs in the front blinker

  • N. B. Standiford - It works, but it's not a miracle product

    I used this to remove adhesive left on my hood after removing the clear vinyl paint protector that was worn out and looked like s***. It works ok to remove adhesive, but it's not the kind of thing where you just apply it and it comes off easily. It still takes a lot of rubbing and scrubbing. It's better than nothing, but it's also not that great.

  • TheresaS - Item was expired

    he tea tree oil was expired and you could see where the date had been strached off the bottle!!!! I could not believe it!

  • frankland - I know it's cheap, but it still isn't worth it

    I wasn't expecting much at the $11 price, but I still cannot understand the value of this item. Even when I could find some older TV shows to stream, it was often only one episode of an entire series. Most of the "Internet TV Stations" were little more than the regular website of the TV stations (not even a direct link to the stream, so you still had to navigate the websites to find the stream, assuming it actually had one). A lot of ads, some quick-clicks to regular websites, and little else.

  • Camille M. Anderson - So if you want towatch "Pretty Little Liars"

    Literally all it does is download a small application to your computer that takes you to an internet website. From there, there are links to different movies and shows. But these movies and shows are just buttons that take you to the parent website. So if you want to watch "Pretty Little Liars", that button on Rabbit TV's website takes you to the ABC Family website... and that's it. It's stupid. lol

  • preston clarke - BEST 20$ EVER SPENT!!!!!

    Let me start out by saying that I won't drink like a degenerate without these again. I had a trial run the first night with these bad boys and got blind drunk with some slum dogs i like to call my friends. I drank a whole bottle of hot stuff (cheap fireball), a lot of beer (like 13.5), a few vodka shots, some dirty tequila and red wine on only 6 hours of sleep. Now normally if i do this, i'd wake up feeling like a boiled turd while worshiping the porcelain gods and am only able to eat about as much as a naked mole rat. I end up out of commission for the whole next day but....... with these bad boys made from what I'm assuming is the blood of the lord christ jesus himself I woke up like a 80's rockstar!! I was able to drive and get me and all my road dogs breakfast burritos. I had no problem filling my cheese burger locker and heck i even finished my buddies burrito that he couldn't! Do your self a favor if you're over 24 years old and like to get inebriated like my self, then I would invest a good old Andrew Jackson (Harriet Tubman now) because these work!

  • John E. Larsen - Entertainment Day 2!

    I had pretty modest expectations based on the reviews and the usual let down that sequels tend to be but despite these, I really enjoyed this film! I was quite a fan of the first film which was really spectacular, especially the way the alien ships blazed through the lower atmosphere. I recall thinking it was a bit like Star Wars meets Top Gun. This time around Earth has utilized the technology captured after the initial alien attack and developed better weaponry. Everyone's quite confident, but of course, the threat this time is much worse and once again, all seems lost. Fortunately, as in the first film, brave people combine for the sake of humanity and show the necessary resolve.