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  • Amy Bumatay Tulley - After 2 years, I still love it!

    I've had the Uppa Baby Vista 2009 for 2 years now, and we still use it as our primary stroller. We walk around town a lot, on trails, and on the beach, and we've used this stroller. It's not the smoothest ride, but babies often like a little bumpy ride anyway! I used the bassinet for over 6 months, just because I loved how she can just sit in it (I was very careful!). Sometimes she even slept in her bassinet in our room. We still interchange the direction of the main seat. Just last week, we were walking downtown and it was very windy, so we changed her seat direction while she was still in it (probably not recommended in the manual!). Overall, it is an AWESOME stroller! I fold it up all the time and keep it in my trunk quite a bit. It is not the smallest or lightest stroller by any means, but there are so many features that I love about it, and it's durable! My wheels don't squeak, like another reviewer noted, but I have trouble with the brake. I end up engaging it/disengaging it by hand b/c it gets stuck. That's the only bad thing (and the cup holder isn't too great on it). The fabric has held up with time despite being left outside several nights. We have the Mica, which looks great! I've never had to wash the covers. Sun visor is awesome! Soon, we'll probably get the piggy back so our toddler can ride on when we have our next baby. We LOVE our stroller, and get comments on it all of the time!

  • GPSIIR - Avoid at all costs!

    I used a program called 3D Home Architect about 15 years ago to design the house I built and live in. When it came time to finish my basement, I had hoped that this evolution of that program would be even better. Instead, it is close to being the worst piece of software I have ever seen or used (and I've been a computer geek for over 35 years). It is anything but intuitive. I'll give just a couple of examples. The previous programs I've used, you merely had to identify which floor you were building, and the program would automatically make adjustments in wall types etc. There is no easy way to do this with this program. When you want to add EXTREMELY common items to the plan (such as placing an electrical sub-panel or bathroom sink), you simply opened up a well populated library of objects and grabbed the desired object on the plan. I tried to place a bathroom sink, but none of the bathroom sinks that are in the program come even close to resembling a normal bathroom sink. When I *finally* found an electrical subpanel and tried to place it on the plan, nothing happened, at least I didn't think it did. When I zoomed in 400%, I could see a tiny circle with an "e", which was suppose to be the electrical panel. If I can, I will be getting my money back.

  • Ann Archer - YUM!

    Really enjoy playing, and even winning occasionally. However, the constant insistence on hooking up with Facebook is a bit annoying.

  • lowell - I walk 25-30 miles a week. I have tried ...

    I walk 25-30 miles a week. I have tried a few running/walking shoes over the years but these stand out over all. This is my second pair and as long as Nike makes them I will buy.

  • stinnell - Love it

    Great price, and the whole family loves it. Based on the color if you have a mud bottom lake I would take it out of water daily.

  • Kirsten Winget - Feels Strange but Works

    it doesn't hurt at all, people who say it does just don't know how to interpret the sensation. Yes, it definitely works, but you can't be overweight for it to work. It has to send the shocks through your skin to your muscle to stimulate them, it cannot do that if there's layers upon layers of fat in the way. So if you're looking for a cure-all lazy way to shred the fat, don't even look at this. But it works wonders amazingly. I am 5'5' and 110 lbs, and it's hardest setting isn't too extreme for me on any portion of my body.