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Summe Medical Clinic - Family Health Care - The Summe Medical Clinic provides family healthcare, including annual check ups, flu shots, pain care, FAA Medicals, Suboxone treatment and spinal alignment.

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  • Billy - Not too bad

    I collect Ouija Boards among other things. This board is nice for a collection. It is essential that you have this board for your collection -- if you're a collector. It's a mystical piece that looks really well in my collector's cabinet. The box I got with it is a bit old, but really no harm there. It's just your mundane, typical board that glows in the dark.

  • Kat Will - Smells wonderful, just not crazy about the shampoo.

    First off, the smell of this stuff is amazing. I think the other reviewers describe it way better than I could so I wont...it's just yummy, ok? The "oil" is more of a serum....I really like that, and buy that on its own. Its great to put in your hair after using a flat iron...it smooths and shines, and smells so good. The shampoo I didnt really like, it doesnt lather at all (probably because its natural) and I absolutely HATE the bottles the shampoo and conditioner come in....the bottles I got, had no pumps like the picture, just the pop open cap...and you have to squeeze really hard to get the stuff out. I don't think those brittle hard plastic bottles are made for squeezing :) The conditioner, and "X" hair treatment are pretty nice as well.

  • Armin Berlin - Dr. Jason Theodosakis saved me from the wheelchair!

    18 years ago I had arthritis in my knees ... I thought I would end up in a wheelchair. Then I read the book "The Arthritis Cure" by Dr. Jason Theodosakis, took the Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate capsules he recommends - you can get them at Walgreens, Walmart, CVS and many other places. After about 3 months, my pain was gone and never came back! You can also check out , the website right now for free, but the book is top. For some, he recommends more, like Vitamin D3, hyaluronic acid, and other supplements. Just follow Dr. Theo's advice, he is the best. Many of his patients have left their wheelchairs and are riding their bikes, playing tennis and climbing mountains again ... his success rate is better than 80%. and I'm just wondering if the others who still feel pain and stiffness aren't following his advice strictly enough. Good luck! You can buy Dr. Theo's book at Amazon used for little money. One of the most useful books I have ever bought and read from cover to cover

  • Brent - Stability & Performance Right out of the Box, 100% uptime

    I have a mid-sized home network (20-30 devices), and my setup has traditionally been a challenge for most routers. I use most of the advanced features, and tend to run multiple VPNs while others are playing games and streaming video.

  • Kristin Moore - While I haven't seen many major changes on the scale I have noticed that I started losing inches pretty quick. The pants I had t

    I have quickly become a believer in the Garcinia Cambogia Extract Supplements that act as an appetite suppressant and weight loss aid. I take two a day about an hour or so before lunch, and it suppresses my appetite all day! I did notice that it took a couple days to really start noticing a difference, so I guess it needs a couple days to build up in your system. While I haven't seen many major changes on the scale I have noticed that I started losing inches pretty quick. The pants I had that fit, but were a little snug are not more comfortable. I haven't had any adverse affects (I know they are all natural, but I like to throw that positive in there). Definitely a much better alternative than taking all those diet supplements that are offered on the market that are full of harsh chemicals. I am very glad to have found a healthy alternative that works!

  • ShopperinCO - Lost weight but horrible side effects

    I started taking this last Friday as directed on the package...two caplets three times a day. The first day I felt really sick to my stomach and really bloated and gassy. I also had diarrhea. It was also difficult to sleep. The second day the gassiness was still there but not as bad but I started to get really bad dizzy spells. The third day it was the same thing, but I woke up with three HUGE pimples on my face. Not normal little pimples these are enormous and very painful. I decided to continue as I was losing weight, but I took only one caplet three times a day - so cut my dosage in half. The fourth day I found another huge pimple on my neck and decided to stop taking the drug. I lost 4 pounds in the three days I took it but seriously I would rather just diet and exercise more than deal with the acne and bloated feeling. I did feel more calm and relaxed but again, the side effects aren't worth it to me.