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Addiction Treatment in Northern California | Bay Area Rehab - Custom addiction treatment in Northern California for those in need of drug and alcohol rehab in the Bay Area, offering both inpatient and outpatient services.

  • https://www.summitestate.com/admissions/referring-professionals/ Referring Professionals for Addiction Treatment - Healthcare professionals trust Summit Estate as their preferred addiction treatment provider for clients in need of addiction treatment.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/contact/ Contact Us | Summit Estate Substance Abuse Rehab Center - Want to contact Summit Estate's luxury drug rehab professionals for treatment guidance or general inquiries? Click here to call or fill out a form.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/experience/ Luxury Addiction Treatment in Los Gatos California - Comfort is key to recovery from drugs and alcohol. Learn about our luxury addiction treatment experience offered at Summit Estate in Los Gatos California.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/experience/residential/ Private and Luxury Residential Treatment Facility for Addiction - Summit Estate's residential treatment facility is a high-end, private, and gorgeous facility located in Los Gatos, CA. Schedule a tour today.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/experience/outpatient/ The Bay Area’s Premier Luxury Outpatient Rehab Facility - Summit Estate’s luxury outpatient rehab facility located in Saratoga, CA is designed to help clients begin their journey toward healthy living
  • https://www.summitestate.com/experience/meals/ Addiction Recovery Made Easier With Gourmet Meals - At Summit Estate, addiction treatment includes gourmet meals that are delicious and nutritious to heal the body and nourish the soul.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/experience/amenities/ Luxury Addiction Recovery Facility Amenities - Summit Estate Addiction Recovery offers luxury and comfort through our world class facility amenities at our residential and outpatient CA centers.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/programs/ Private Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs in Northern California - Summit Estate provides both residential and outpatient alcohol and drug rehab programs to clients in the Bay Area in Los Gatos and Saratoga, CA
  • https://www.summitestate.com/programs/detox/ Medical Detox Centers In Northern California - Summit Estate provides drug and alcohol detox treatment in a private, luxury medical detox center located in the hills of Los Gatos in Northern California.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/programs/residential/ Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment In Los Gatos, CA - Summit Estate provides a high-end, individualized approach to inpatient substance abuse treatment in Los Gatos, CA
  • https://www.summitestate.com/programs/outpatient/ Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Saratoga California - Looking for an effective addiction treatment program in Northern California? Our Saratoga outpatient rehab center is conveniently located in the Bay Area.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/programs/continuing-care/ Addiction Aftercare Program for Long Term Recovery - At Summit Estate, all of our Bay Area treatment alumni have the chance to continue their journey towards recovery through our addiction aftercare program.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/treatment/ Substance Abuse Treatment in The Bay Area CA - Summit Estate, located in the bay area of CA, specializes in substance abuse treatment including drug, prescription or alcohol addiction.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/treatment/alcohol/ Alcoholism Treatment |Alcohol Addiction Treatment in CA - Summit Estate provides world-class inpatient and outpatient alcohol addiction treatment at our luxury rehab centers in the Bay Area of Northern California.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/treatment/prescription/ Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment Center In The Bay Area - Overcome prescription drug abuse and addiction through professional treatment in a luxury setting. We treat all types of prescription drug abuse.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/treatment/drugs/ Drug Addiction Treatment Center | Drug Abuse Treatment CA - Summit Estate offers drug addiction treatment programs in the Bay Area of Northern California in a luxury setting and with a caring, expert treatment team.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/treatment/dual-diagnosis/ Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers | Co-occurring Disorders Treatment - Summit Estate is a luxury dual diagnosis treatment center that provides personalized, integrated treatment for addiction and mental health issues.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/approach/ Northern California Substance Abuse Treatment Program Highlights - Summit Estate provides substance abuse treatment programs which include holistic treatment and therapies individualized to each client's needs.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/approach/holistic/ Holistic Addiction Treatment Center in the Bay Area - Holistic addiction treatment at Summit Estate treats the body, mind, and spirit to repair the damage after years of abuse. Located in Los Gatos, CA.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/approach/therapies/ Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction - Addiction treatment should not be one-size fits all. Summit Estate provides different types of therapy to meet your specific circumstances and needs.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/approach/non-12-step/ A Non 12-Step Rehab Center – Summit Estate - Summit Estate offers highly personalized, non 12-step addiction treatment where we focus on the root sources of our client’s substance abuse problems.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/admissions/ Addiction Treatment Admissions | Bay Area Rehab Admissions - The Summit Estate addiction treatment admissions process is the first step to overcoming addiction to drugs or alcohol in Northern California.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/admissions/schedule-tour/ Schedule A Tour Of Our Addiction Treatment Center - We invite you to take an onsite tour of our luxury residential or outpatient addiction treatment facilities in Los Gatos, CA and Saratoga, CA.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/admissions/payment-options/ Payment Options For Addiction Treatment In The Bay Area - The cost of rehab shouldn’t prevent an individual from getting treatment. Summit Estate provides different payment options for treatment in the Bay Area.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/admissions/verify-insurance/ Does Insurance Cover Rehab | Does Insurance Pay For Rehab - Does insurance cover or pay for rehab? Here at Summit Estate we accept most insurance plans. Our online insurance verification form makes it easy to find out.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/admissions/intervention/ drug intervention programs | alcohol intervention programs - Summit Estate addiction intervention programs helps those with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Located in Saratoga, California
  • https://www.summitestate.com/admissions/faq/ California Drug And Alcohol Rehab General FAQs  - Find a portal to all of the FAQs about Summit Estate here. Page are broken down by Admissions, Individuals, Family Members and Referring Professionals.
  • https://www.summitestate.com/admissions/brochure/ Summit Estate Drug Rehab Brochure - PDF And Hard Copy - Get the full brochure here for Summit Estate drug rehab center in California. View or download a PDF, or you can request a physical copy.

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