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Sunshine Botanicals - Natural Beauty Products - Holistic Treatments - Sunshine Botanicals is all about Transformation - a holistic skin care view of beauty health and wellness. A Sunshine Botanicals regimen should be part of a healthy lifestyle.

  • http://www.sunshinebotanicals.com/testimonials/index.php Sunshine Botanicals | Testimonials | Courtney Holden | Kat James | The Truth About Beauty - Sunshine Botanicals offers a complete line of natural and skin care products for the professional. Courtney Holden provides a testimonial of how Sunshine Botanicals helped her.
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  • http://www.sunshinebotanicals.com/aboutproducts/index.php Sunshine Botanicals - About our Products - Our products are “micro brewed” in small batches to insure freshness and potency, and all our herbal tinctures are made by hand...all tinctures are stared on the beginning cycle of the new moon (age old  agricultural principles at work here) in order to extract the maximum effect and potency of each plant or herb. The results speak for themselves.

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  • Armstrong - Must Have Production Aide for breast feeding

    With both of my pregnancies, I have had difficulty producing enough milk for my babies. With my first pregnancy, after experiencing some negative reactions to the medicated pills the hospital gives to increase production, I was told to try the herbal Fenugreek pills. While these pills helped a little (I mean a little), they also made me and my baby smell like maple syrup for as long as I took them.

  • Mothersmoney - BM express. Choo Choo

    Very effective. The taste is not at all bad. Sweet and earthy. 7 hours to BMW after 3 weeks on painkillers. No pain or discomfort