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SuperFruit Slim™ - Strongest Superfruit Diet Pill on the Market - SuperFruit Slim is the strongest fruit diet pill on the market. Potent Acai Berry, African Mango, Green Tea extract and CoEnzyme Q10 formula!

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  • kamrul hasan - Good product for Developer and Admins

    Right product with all Enterprise version functonality. Good product for Developer and Admins to learn new features. Great product. Thanks.

  • Bear - Stopped my dog's itching

    My dog has had a serious problem with seborrhea. I had tried two other shampoos given to me by my vet and they were only a slight help. Finally, after research, I found and tried this product. With a combination of Keratolux and antibiotics from the vet, his problem Is finally under control. No more itching and biting himself. This shampoo effectively lifted the scales and eased the itching. It is important to know that this type of problem can be caused by either fungus or bacteria or both. His was caused by bacteria and that's why the antibiotics were needed. Always take your dog to the vet and have the problem diagnosed.

  • steve m. - Not enough base coat provided.

    This product might be ok if it were not for the fact that they do not include enough base coat to do the 50 square feet. I have only 39 sq. feet and that includes the front edge and backsplash and did not have enough to gain full coverage with the base coat. This is not noticeable until after the protective top coat is put on then you can see many streaks of the formica color underneath..Like others stated there are more than enough chips and top coat in the kit but not enough base coat... This was used on a single family rental property but now I cannot rent it looking like this, it looks very bad. Worst part is I tried contacting Rustoleum about the 100% satisfaction policy they show in the manual but was on hold for over 1/2 hour listening to music, I am way too busy and have no time for that especially added to this countertop mess.. I'm going to try to get a refund through Lowes. This product should be sold in two sizes, the size currently available for up to 30 sq. feet and a size slightly larger for up to 50 sq. feet. I would need to purchase two kits for this to have worked the way it is advertied and described by Rustoleum. Did not know Amazon sold this or I would have checked the reviews here first. Amazon is also $26.00 cheaper than Lowes.

  • BaggyHaggy - Another winner!

    I love my Kipling bags -- and this one in particular. Holds a lot, yet very light to carry, with a removable shoulder strap...a great addition to anyone's handbag collection! And -- what I really love about Kipling (besides the monkey)...bag gets dirty, just toss it into the washer! Buy this bag!!!