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  • Amazon Customer - Need more meat

    I wish they would make some Flowers movies. Bradley Cooper would be perfect for the part of Virgil (aka F***ing Flowers). The plotting of these books is still excellent, but meat (pun intended) is getting a little thin and superficial. I've noticed that authors of successful series get tired and their books seem hurried. I could name a half dozen authors who succumbed to publishing pressures to turn out a book a year and diluted their output.

  • T.S. Ward - Meh...garbage

    This is a horrible product. There is absolutely no stick and calling this "no-slip" is just ridiculous. I can't hold a single pose as my feet and hands slip so easily. I have a treadmill mat that allows me to hold better poses than this thing!

  • Scott A. Pope - Absolutely Fantastic!

    First of all I need to brag on Amazon. I ordered this item Monday and received it Tuesday! That is amazing.

  • Marta E. - Helped My Hair!

    I love this stuff sooooo much! I have thin curly hair that went through some telogen effluvium and lost allot of life and texture when growing back. This mask keeps my hair super hydrated, bouncy and has improved the overall texture.

  • Billa C. Kelley - Well designed

    Awesome case for the iPhone 7. After received the iPhone 7 I put this case on and it's a great fit and goes well with the black colors. It's a perfect addition to the phone and for the price. The case snaps on easily and doesn't obstruct any buttons or ports. Perfectly designed for iPhone 7. All features I experienced with this case really awesome and qualified.

  • Ashley B - I really wanted to love this. I began sitting my little one in ...

    I really wanted to love this. I began sitting my little one in this around 7 months. He hated it so I waited until 10 months. At 10 months, he was buckled in and leaned so far forward that I felt he was just being held in by the straps, he was not sitting on a level surface. Even though he was strapped in tightly, he fell all the way forward and just hung in place.