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TAMMY WU, MD - Plastic Surgery Modesto | Surgical Artistry | CALVIN LEE, MD - Surgical Artistry located in Modesto, CA. Dr. Tammy Wu, Plastic Surgeon and Dr. Calvin Lee, General Surgeon. Breast Enhancement (breast lift, breast reductions, and breast augmentation), Tummy Tuck, Botox, Acupuncture & Veins

  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/tammywumd/index.htm Breast Augmentation Modesto | TAMMY WU, MD | Surgical Artistry - Breast Augmentation Surgery is a passion for Dr. Tammy Wu, Modesto Plastic Surgeon of Surgical Artistry. Different Breast Implant options are presented. It also has info about Dr. Wu's breast surgery expertise and Surgical Artistry. We have included the top 3 Breast Augmentation Webpage Links that we have written (besides this page).
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/modesto-plastic-surgery/modesto-tummy-tuck/index.htm Modesto Tummy Tuck Info | Tammy Wu, MD | Surgical Artistry - Modesto Tummy tuck information written by Tammy Wu, MD board certified plastic surgeon with Surgical Artistry
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/holidays/index.htm Office Holidays for Surgical Artistry - Modesto Plastic Surgery - Holidays - days off for Surgical Artistry Office Staff, Modesto. Our main telephone number is 209-551-1888.
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/modesto-plastic-surgery/index.htm Modesto Plastic Surgery - Tammy Wu, MD Surgical Artistry - Plastic Surgery in Modesto by Dr. Tammy Wu, graduated top of her medical school at Brown University. Offering services in breast surgeries such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction. She also performs Tummy Tuck, microderm, peels, botox, and juvederm injections.
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/modesto-botox/index.htm Botox in Modesto injected artfully by Dr. Calvin Lee, Surgeon and Acupuncturist - Using surgical and acupuncture skills to inject BOTOX to get great natural looking results with less pain.
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/modesto-plastic-surgery/modesto-breast-surgery/breast-augmentation/index.htm Modesto Breast Augmentation by Dr. Tammy Wu - written by Dr. Tammy Wu, Modesto plastic surgeon: Breast Augmentation information
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/modesto-plastic-surgery/modesto-breast-surgery/breast-reduction/index.htm Modesto Breast Reduction - Breast Reduction in Modesto, CA done by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tammy Wu. We are located next to the post office on Sylvan Ave. Modesto, CA
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/modesto-plastic-surgery/modesto-chemical-peels/index.htm Chemical Peels - Obagi Blue Peel and Radiance - We offer Chemical Peels at Surgical Artistry - Modesto's Plastic Surgery Center. Our Peels include the Obagi Blue Peel and the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/modesto-plastic-surgery/modesto-chemical-peels/obagi-blue-peel.htm Obagi Blue Peel in Modesto, CA - At Surgical Artistry one of our favorite chemical peels for the face is the Obagi Blue Peel (original). We also do the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/modesto-plastic-surgery/why-choose-dr-tammy-wu.htm Why Choose Dr. Tammy Wu for your Plastic Surgery - Dr. Tammy Wu graduated top of her medical school class at Ivy League Brown University. She is a board certified Plastic Surgeon. She values good communication. She is a consumer of plastic surgery
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/modesto-plastic-surgery/cost-of-plastic-surgery-procedures.htm Cost of plastic surgery Modesto, CA - TAMMY WU, MD - Prices for plastic surgical procedures in Modesto, CA provided by Tammy Wu, MD
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/modesto-plastic-surgery/modesto-chemical-peels/after-obagi-blue-peel.htm After Obagi Blue Peel - Post procedure directions after the Obagi Blue Peel (Original-deep). Deep meaning one of the deepest peels we would do on an awake patient.
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/calvin-lee/ About Dr. Calvin Lee - Background information about Calvin Lee, MD Surgeon, Violinist, Acupuncturist, Injection Artist
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/modesto/doctors-medical-center/index.htm Tribute to DMC - Doctors Medical Center Modesto - I have performed about 3000 surgical procedures in Modesto. Most of them were done at DMC (Doctors' Medical Center) in Modesto, CA. I am very grateful for the opportunity to do many surgeries here.
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/acupuncture/index.htm Acupuncture with Dr. Calvin Lee of Surgical Artistry, Modesto, California - Dr. Calvin Lee is a Board Certified Surgeon who does acupuncture. This is his acupuncture webpage. His office is Surgical Artistry which he shares with Modesto Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Tammy Wu. Dr. Calvin Lee also performs vein injections/lasers, Botox, and Filler injections.
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/modesto-plastic-surgery/modesto-breast-surgery/breast-augmentation/cost-of-breast-augmentation/consultation.htm Breast Augmentation Consultation in Modesto, CA with Dr. Tammy Wu - Tammy Wu, MD's Breast Augmentation Consultations - what's included in the $200 fee (the $200 is deducted from the cost of surgery)
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/medical-facts/cellulite/index.htm Cellulite - anatomy and treatments - Notes from a CME (continuing medical education) activity. Done by Calvin Lee. These notes are from a presentation done by another plastic surgeon. He is located in Southern California
  • http://www.surgerytoday.com/latisse-modesto.htm Latisse in Modesto, CA - Latisse eyelash growth drug is available at our office (209) 551-1888 in Modesto, California

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