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  • redpony - Wonderful! Good Buy!

    The manufacturer material with the product, states that this only works well (as they would re buy it) on about 80% of the users, of "correct" skintype. So even with the right skintype, hairtype, 20% of the users will not have good results, and would not rebuy the unit. That does not make the unit a scam. It means it did not work for "you". Thats the reality of products used in relation to individual variants of skin, body chemistry and body individuality. Not everyone will benefit from this type of device. We are individual and unique.

  • Mary L. Rose - Wonderful shampoo for gray hair

    Perfect for my gray hair.. I love this shampoo, used many others that turned my hair blue or purple not this one!

  • Amazon addict - Awesome Razor

    Now I have used many razors and until I tried the Dorco, had resigned myself to using disposable three blade razors. I received these in the mail and when I unpacked them found them to be very comfortable and ergonomic, but nothing special to write home to mom about. But when I got out of the shower and lathered up with a shave brush, here is where Dorco shines.