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Tampa Cryotherapy - Whole Body Cryo For Athletes - TampaCryo.com is excited to bring Tampa Cryotherapy to you. The benefits of whole body cryotherapy to your training regime is a must. Schedule today.

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  • jus_jerry - One of the best

    I used Kasperky for quite a few years until one day I had an issue and their customer service representatives best advice was to request a refund, I did. I started using Avast after reading lots... of reviews and it worked flawlessly. Even on a computer that suffered some issues after my Kasperky experience. So to make a long story short my issues kept getting worse, and eventually Avast wouldn't boot up. I called their tech-line and after they saw I was having issues with restarting my computer they asked to allow them to come in and see what was going on. So to make and even longer story short , I put them on speaker phone and I literally had two meals, my lunch and dinner while their technician removed things added things had me rebooting until finally 6 hours later the Avast Technician says, "Sir? I'm sure that this will be the last reboot let's give it a try" I did and everything worked as it should he explained what he'd found and asked if their would be anything else I needed? I was truly impressed with their determination and the length of time that they were willing to go too to satisfy a customer. As for their antivirus and internet security one of the simplest that I've ever used and trust it wholeheartedly. I recommend it to my friends and family and usually give my extra copies to friends and family that are reluctant to trying something new. So if you're looking at this as your next antivirus/internet security you are making a great choice.

  • afaviator - Great for learning, similar to Guitar Hero game idea

    Daughter is using this to learn. She said it takes a bit to learn the setup/learning system but us confident it will help her learn. Perfect for anybody that has played Guitar Hero in the past, as the idea is somewhat similar.