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Análisis, estudios, test genéticos por expertos | pruebas de ADN - Test genético desde casa a través de una muestra de saliva. Estudio, análisis genético de tu ADN por expertos. Solicita tu kit y conoce resultados online

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  • Shannon W. Pritchard - Don't buy this product.

    I have had a navien unit for two years now, and have had continual problems. They replaced the unit once, but still problems. I could live with it if their tech service would work with you, but they wont help, unless you are one of their "certified" installers, meaning unless you will sell the garbage for them, they won't help. Therefore, I have had to pay a thousand dollars in service calls for things I could have done, had the tech service talked to me. Not only that, they insisted that I hire their recommended engineer, he charged me $400. 00 for me to show him what the problem was. The next issue I have I will throw the garbage out and buy another maker. Run, Run, run from this product.

  • Syed - Good quality, very thin fit

    Good quality, very thin fit. A lot of people don't even notice the case. I suggest you get the same color case as your iPhone

  • Escapemax - Good

    McAfee is Slow with Updates this year. Sometimes going Days before I get one. It did find and remove two Trojans in my laptop. After I upgraded from Win 8 to 8.1. I received a notification that one of the features was discontinued. Anti Theft, If I remember correctly.

  • shammy - be careful

    I was very excited about this purchase. I read great reviews on it. I don't know how many people have hardwood floors, but you must have unwaxed/unoiled floors to use this. Using this on treated floors takes the shine and wax off. So DO NOT buy if you don't have unwaxed floors. I made the mistake because I didn't see that in the reviews.

  • M. Orgolini - Changed my Life

    The Body Ecology Diet changed my life! It is a new way of combining and cooking foods that my body loves. No more sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol . . . would seem to be a difficult thing to accomplish. I am amazed by the wonderful new receipes I have learned from this book. My whole approach to cooking has changed. I can now savor the taste and smell of the vegetables and find carrots to be wonderfully sweet. My sweet tooth is now satisfyed with vegetables. I never would have believed that my cooking would look so beautiful as a result of all the bright veggies I use in my meals. I had never even heard of raw fermented veggies until I started this book. Now, I can't imagine not enjoying them everyday. You will never be sorry for reading this excellent book. I can honestly say that I will be on this course of wholesome fresh food for the rest of my life.

  • lcah - Ultra minimalist - but super low price

    One shouldn't expect all that much at this price point - it works - haven't had it very long so can't speak to durability.