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Telluride Inside... and Out | An insider's peek into the zazz of Telluride - Apple cider vinegar is a kitchen staple that has several impressive health benefits. It also has a ton of different beauty, household and cooking uses.

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  • F. Henry - ... find the Philips Norelco HQ6900/41 Shaver 1100 to be good for the money

    I find the Philips Norelco HQ6900/41 Shaver 1100 to be good for the money. It appears to be cheaply made but so far gets the job done. Since I don't travel that much, I prefer a corded shaver. It's a shame I can't find a top quality non battery operated shaver.

  • Hugo - great value

    Bought this set to replace the chrome ones I had for my GE range that had burned on junk. Very high quality-thick metal finished well.They fit perfectly and look great. The darker color looks nice against the white range top. Glad I decided to get these. They are reasonably priced for what you get.

  • Azlyn - It's been a few weeks now and the blue is kinda starting to show through a little (it looks more like unsaturated brown

    I used this to cover my collar-bone-length hair that had been completely bleached twice and dyed bright permanent blue/green. I didn't have a lot of hope for the outcome, but I was really surprised! This covered everything with a gorgeous auburn color, no more blue/green, only needed one box for my long hair, and no problems with color absorption due to prior bleaching. It's been a few weeks now and the blue is kinda starting to show through a little (it looks more like unsaturated brown, rather than reddish like it did the day after I dyed it), so it'll need a touch-up soon. But wow, I am super impressed with this product, especially for the price. :) I will definitely be getting this same product again.

  • Rich(アニメとゲームが優先!!) - While Not A Spectacular Season It Was Better Then I Thought It Would Be.

    Like with the previous fours seasons the fifth starts out with a bang as well as introducing Five-0's newest member as a series regular.You'll have a decent mix of action/drama/romance and thrills from the writers and while there are about five episodes that are lackluster the rest do a good job of keeping you entertained throughout the end of the episode. For the price it was a great deal to add this season to the other four I already have which is somewhat surprising as I wasn't much of a fan the first season but the series did grow on me. So for fans of five-o we have another entertaining season to enjoy until the start of season six.

  • Luis S. - Pretty cool! assembly instructions next to useless so got to be creative

    Its pretty cool... Assembly is... well not very straight forward and instructions are next to... useless... but if you like legos and a challenge its not impossible, and a good home depot or lowes near by would help a lot in case you need "extras" (mine had a piece missing to stabilize the front wheel and purchased some nuts and washers to hold it together... so far so good....

  • Amazon Customer - Worst phone I have ever had

    I have had this phone for about 8 months and I am past ready to find something else. It has memory issues. At some point it will tell you that the text message folder is full. You cannot receive text messages until you deal with the problem. The real problem is the memory is not full. It is a false message and the only way I know to fix it is to do a hard reset and then you have to start over and reload all your apps. The ROM memory is too small and so at some point you have to choose which apps you want, because there is simply not enough space for all the ones you might want.

  • Theseus - It's $200 and is amazing for the price

    It's $200 and is amazing for the price. It has an SD card slot and usb so adding storage is no problem. It's like a chrome book but with more utility. It doesn't feel slow and is easy to use (once you get all the settings to your liking). This isn't a gaming computer even though it seems to play games just fine. It starts fast and wakes up almost instantly. The screen is crisp and clear, not as bright as some may need but it's bright enough for me. It is heavy though at 3 lbs 12.2 oz, I feel that for something with so little storage it should be a pound lighter. No big deal. The keyboard is nice and I wouldn't expect more out of it. The track pad is not quite as nice but when you change the settings to your liking it's much more manageable, but get a mouse for general use. This is a must buy for anyone who wants a chrome book but needs a Windows interface. I use this strictly for Facebook, general webpage maintenance and light gaming. This is all coming from a Mac guy and this is the first Windows computer I have ever bought. I will update if it becomes a slow unusable laptop like others have posted.