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  • Lydia - A waste of money

    A waste of money. Not operator friendly, does not provide a view of a map and when you print it out your info. It prints out in scientific measurements by columns every inch is accounted for. Their rep was very nice but not worth my time to read columns and several pages data to get to each of my locations. Almost like reading PS code.. Very disappointed.

  • Anthony DeLuca - Customer service is no good, security is wishy washy.

    They were great about helping me buy and install their product, but now every time I ask for their help I am answered by a bot, and the hold time for help over the phone is always 30 minutes. One of my P.C.'s seemed to have a virus on the computer, getting in the way of my processes and security updates; when I contacted webroot for help with this problem they said they could not find it, and now my computer isn't even showing as registered with their services. Their app will not work with my mobile device, and when I asked for help, they sent me the same steps that prompted me to ask for help. I'd give them a half a star or less if I could, I am extremely disappointed with their service. I can't even say they have kept me protected from viruses and I PAID for this, starting to smell a scam?? We'll see if anyone tries to help resolve my complaints but so far I am being thrown in a loop.

  • Guardsix - Destination Abaddon, Finally!

    Ok, I almost forgot to write a review of this book! This is the third book in this series that I have read and, as you would expect, the most frightening of all. This is a science fiction horror novel, plain and simple. Yeah, it’s also a military science fiction book, but one that goes far, far beyond the normal humans fighting aliens thing. If you’re not the kind that likes to read science fiction horror stories, you might want to move on to something else, otherwise, this is a very, very good and intense book.

  • Levi Fredritz - Passed 1st time!

    It was awesome! Prepared me well to take the NCLEX by providing sample questions that mimicked what I eventually saw on the test! Passed my first attempt!

  • Lauren - Amazing - completely stops all razor burn

    This is the only thing that ever worked for my razor burn and I used it for ten years before I got laser. On the rare occasion. I skipped it I always regretted it. Before I found this I could never shave right before going to the beach and then go in the water, but when I used it I was fine. It has a strong smell but it's worth it. Love it.

  • Stephanie Golden - Grounding works

    This book is terrific--very clear on the science and engaging too, especially the stories of people's experiences grounding themselves. I have one of the grounding devices--I heard about this last year and got it then--and when I have an incipient headache I use it for about a half hour, and the headache doesn't develop. Ot gets rid of discomfort from muscle strains and really does boost energy. But I've long been aware of how much better I feel out in the country or swimming in a lake or ocean. After reading this book, I understand why.

  • Thorbuck - I'm happy so far - install done - monitoring yet to come

    The installation instructions were very good in comparison with what one usually receives with new products, with one outstanding exception. On the cover one is advised to plug the Keychain Remote into a computer to follow easy, animated Easy Setup Wizard instructions. The instructions will not load - I tired on both a PC and a Mac. So, I used the printed instructions (very good). I didn't find out until deep into the printed instructions (page 20) that one has to plug the Keychain Remote into the base station first, and then into a computer to be able to access the Easy Setup Wizard. I would have given the install event a 5 star if not for the confusion over how to access the Setup Wizard.