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  • Carolyn Legg - My 10 year old was on inhalers for seasonal allergies ...

    My 10 year old was on inhalers for seasonal allergies before we found this product. As long as she starts on a daily regimen of taking one of these a day for a month before the allergy season hits, her allergy symptoms are mild or nonexistent.

  • Amazon Customer - and work great straight out of the box

    Just opened the box, followed the instructions (very simple), and work great straight out of the box. I use head phones everyday for work, and and these are my first wireless headsets.the sound quality is good and great noise cancelling, = to my wired noise cancelling head set. Will leave another review in about a week or so for my final verdict. Yet so far I'm impressed.

  • Harry Evans - ***Great tool for the job***

    I like doing woodworking - whether it is refinishing old furinture,building new shelves or barn doors. The K4 is a must have tool for anyone's work shop. I was building a wooden swinging door for my small barn and the K4 made the job so much easier and faster. The door is secured good and strong with the pocket screws. The K4 is easy to use, easy to set up or store. I had a small pocket screw kit I was using but since I purchased the K4 - I leave the other one in the tool box.

  • PRIYANKA - Nice concept but ok to use!!

    When I read the description of this brush, the concept sounded very unique n nice, esp. for the super thick n curly hair which I have. So, when I used it here are some pros n cons which I wd like to share:

  • JALMR - IT WORKS !!!

    My husband and I have been using the Earthing Bed Sheet for over a year. We began to think it was really not helping and we figured we'd been scammed UNTIL we went on vacation without it !! Our aches and pains, especially in our knees, were obviously back!! We've tested it several times now and are true believers!! Getting up and down out of chairs etc. was painful when we took the sheet off and no problem when we put it back on. Have one on our Motorhome bed and take it with us when traveling by car. Believe or not...it's your choice!

  • Gave me much hope - Gave me much hope

    This was one of the first books I read after being diagnosed in 1995. I was engulfed in incredible fear beyond words. This book gave me my first ray of hope that we can do much with nutrition and how each one of us needs to take an active part in our healing.