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The Medical News Report - Welcome to the monthly medical news report. I am honored to report on the latest medical information from some of the best medical journals around the world. This report will provide you with cutting edge technology, new information about diseases and research that will bring new ways in the future to treat or prevent serious illness.

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  • Martyz9 - Everything you need to know about Rome and then some!

    Rick Steves, of PBS fame, is a travel guru who anticipates any and virtually all questions about anything you might encounter in your travels. We found that very useful. Perhaps he is overly frightening when advising caution; we did not see the many "problems/dangers" he warns you of when traveling in Rome.

  • Clayson Spackman - Best American Short Stories

    I own this and the preceding 3 editions, always purchased for creative writing class purposes. They are exactly what the title suggests: the best american short stories from that year. There are always a couple of really strange stories, but all are excellently written and manage to entertain as well as teach the reader something about the human condition.

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