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  • CBPfromTN - Amazing Herbs Black Seed Cold-Pressed Oil***AMAZING!

    I purchased Amazing Herbs Black Seed Cold-Pressed Oil from Amazon after using my sister's Amazing Herbs Black Seed Cold-Pressed Oil for a while to see if I could tolerate it. After I used hers for a couple of weeks, I purchased my own. I have to say it tastes awful, at first I would stand at the counter and work up the courage to take it, but I eventually figured out how to take it without any problems with the taste. I simply toss my head back and put the teaspoon towards the back of my mouth/tongue and pour the oil out of the spoon and that's it. It does still have the peppery type burn in my throat but since it doesn't touch my tongue, there's no taste! Now for the GREAT part. My blood pressure had become borderline and my doctor had told me that it (140/92) was too high and I needed to check it every day and come back in a month. I didn't go back after a month, but I did check it. I am checking it every day and it has gone down to 111/74!! Sometimes it's even a little bit lower!

  • danyelle lam - Warning!! Software download feature EXPIRES!

    Avoid this product unless want to pay Quicken/Intuit for life. Quicken will force you to “upgrade” your software by shutting off internet and file downloads. At that point the software will essentially become useless.

  • Kristina Brown - Helped my daughter sleep.

    I have another similar product for diffusing essential oils in my home. Of the 2, I feel this one is slightly better than the other. To be honest, at first, I wasn't sure it was on because the mist was fine and it was behind a light. Once I adjusted things, I could actually see the mist. To me, that was a good thing. The other one I own seemed to send out larger amounts each time (and therefore doesn't last as long between refills) and was a little noisier. The scent from the oils was distributed throughout the time it ran, not just at the beginning or the end.

  • Oliver Bell - The range is very good and i don't even get breakup when the microwave ...

    im using this as a transmitter and sending TV audio to a pair of bluetooth speakers in the kitchen, The latency is very small but noticeable, you have to mute the tv sound or you hear an echo, The range is very good and i don't even get breakup when the microwave is running right next to the speakers. Im using this with the MOTONG(TM) New design Toslink Digital Optical Audio Splitter Adapter 1 in 2 Out-Black optical splitter to great effect.

  • CincyWARN - Once great software now has bugs and Intuit support is unhelpful.

    I've been using quicken for many years. Previous software upgrades have, for the most part, been trouble free. This time, however, the upgrade broke some online functions, most importantly duplicating my Quicken Billpay account. Now every instruction is sent twice which generates an error in Quicken Billpay. It also generates an error about half the time downloading from one of my banks, saying there is a problem with the server, yet a second quicken file with my mom's financial data downloads from the same institution reliably every time. Quicken support is about non-existent. They force you to upgrade every three years or lose your online services, which they stop supporting when your version is three years old. It says that right in the terms of service. It's their way of guaranteeing a stream of income. I haven't found any new features in the new software to warrant the upgrade, and would not have except for being forced to, I wish there was a good alternative to Quicken because the product is bad now and they have no real incentive to fix it.

  • Jeremy William Tschupp - it did not work

    I just got the results back from my hair follicle test,I stopped smoking two months before the test and still,I didn't pass, this it's a sad day for me, off coarse I'll keep on trying to get that job that will pay the bills, this on payed twenty dollars an hour. I have a medical marijuana card, but that still doesn't matter when it comes to them giving you a job, seems like discrimination to me.