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  • Tatiana - Love this Skin Transformer

    the best cream for face and neck -I`m using this product for long time and will buy again-covering all my imperfections on face-very good protecting skin from sun and skin feels all day not dry. Love this color -medium-I`m white european and tried some Korean BB -what too light for me-face did look like dead mask-this Miracle skin Transformer working excellent.

  • Amazon Customer - A MAKEUP ARTIST'S PERSPECTIVE-Good for me, but not for everyone

    As a makeup artist I have been doing makeup for weddings and special events for almost nine years now.

  • B. Vu - Great camera and cute

    Some load up issues with the app, the app seems more compatible with apple than android systems. Great camera and cute. For my 70 lb am. staff terrier and 100+lb great dane, it can get knocked over. Will have to build a stand for it.

  • Amazon Customer - Almost had a "refund", so why five stars???

    Having been (and still am) a DIY enthusiast for decades, I began using Broderbund's Interior Design software way back in 1995, loved it, and a couple of years later I came across Punch design software. It did an admirable job, and I continued with their software up until my very recent download of Chief Architect Suite 2014. (As an aside, I also want to state here that I have used AutoCad/Mechanical Desktop for mechanical engineering design work for years too, but obviously that software could only be used at work!)

  • S. Murphy - Not as good as Falun Gong Forced Organ Harvest set but still AWESOME!

    I bought my daughter this because she was developing an unhealthy attitude questioning authority. We used to run drills at home. I would tell her she had to stand in the microwave and she would just roll her eyes. Now that she's got this in her toy box she's been more understanding about her responsibility to subject herself to warrantless searches and cancer-causing radiation.

  • katty - Great little book

    Amazing book but it jus has strategies it's not a book full of questions which I thought it was it's a thin book with the strategies and one final exam in the back