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Welcome To Trilogy Inc, Behavioral Healthcare - Trilogy is a not-for-profit behavioral healthcare organization with more than 40 years of experience serving people with serious mental illness in Chicago.

  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/about/about-trilogy About Trilogy - Trilogy, Inc., founded in 1971, is a private not-for-profit behavioral healthcare organization with more than 40 years of experience serving people with serious mental illness in the Chicago community of Rogers Park and its surrounding areas.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/about/licenses-and-accreditations Licenses and Accreditations - Trilogy, Inc. is licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Mental Health (DMH) as a Medicaid provider and operator of Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA). Trilogy received a Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) Three-Year Accreditation through February 2017.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/about/annual-report Annual Report - Trilogy Inc. - Trilogy's annual financial reports are available in a PDF format to read, or download and print.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/about/inspiring-stories Inspiring Stories - Trilogy Inc. - Inspirational stories of recovery from mental illness from individuals working with Trilogy.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/about/initiatives-and-partnerships Initiatives Partnerships - Trilogy Inc. - Trilogy's initiatives and partnerships give us the opportunity to offer a wide array of services and recovery options.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/services/recovery-services Recovery Services - All those who come to Trilogy for services are paired with a Recovery Counselor whose job is to help the person connect with needed services, supports, and entitlements, both within and outside of Trilogy.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/services/psr Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program (PSR) - Trilogy Inc. - This program’s services are designed to offer clients a wide-range of educational, social and psychotherapeutic experiences
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/services/residential-services Residential Services - Trilogy Inc. - Trilogy has four residential sites, including two-long term Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA), and two group homes.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/services/employment-services Employment Services - Trilogy Inc. - The IPS model for supported employment is the most progressive, evidence-based model to be offered to individuals with serious and persistent mental illness.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/services/psychological-services Psychological Services - Trilogy Inc. - Psychological Services coordinates and provides psychotherapy, psychological testing, diagnostic evaluation and consultation for our Trilogy community.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/services/psychiatric-services Psychiatric Services - Trilogy Inc. - Psychiatric Services provides initial diagnostic evaluations, medication management, and psychotherapy.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/services/integrated-services Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment - Trilogy Inc. - Trilogy’s Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment Program (IDDT) is a resource for people with co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/services/integrated-healthcare Integrated Healthcare Services - Trilogy Inc. - Trilogy Heartland Integrated Healthcare—a partnership between Trilogy and Heartland International Health Center Trilogy—is an award winning nationally recognized Integrated Healthcare program serving more than 900 people per year.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/services/latino-services Latino Services - Trilogy Inc. - Nuestro Programa de Servicios Latinos fue establecido en marzo del 2008 para llenar un vacío crítico en el servicio a las comunidades de Rogers Park y Evanston.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/services/family-psychoeducation Family Services - Trilogy Inc. - As part of our Family Services we offer Family Psychoeducation, Family and Couples Therapy, and Family and Couples Skill Building.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/services/the-trilogy-beacon The Trilogy Beacon - The Trilogy Beacon is a seven day a week 365 day per year community Drop-In center that offers peer-to-peer leadership and is open to any person presenting as an individual with serious mental illness.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/intensive-crisis-services Intensive Crisis Services - ACT and CST Teams specializes in delivering mental health services in the community.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/advocacy/partners-in-recovery Partners in Recovery - Trilogy's Partners in Recovery actively support Trilogy's mission through their daily actions.
  • http://www.trilogyinc.org/get-involved/other-giving-opportunities Other Giving Opportunities - Trilogy Inc. - Your contribution supports Trilogy's recovery services programs for adults in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs with severe and persistent mental illness.

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