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Tri-State Collie Rescue - home - Tri State Collie Rescue is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to the rescue of collies in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia and Tennessee.

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  • Robert S - When I saw this tool I thought it would be a great idea for the to do their own and this ...

    I bought this shape tool for my sons who are always asking me to help them shape their beards, yes they are teenagers with beards, LOL! When I saw this tool I thought it would be a great idea for the to do their own and this could help. Well yes it does help and they able to easily use this guide to get it perfect. Design is simple with a nice thick plastic piece that you place on your face and while holding just run your razor or in our case the electric cutters and just follow the guide. They are having no problem getting the perfect line up. The only thing I could find wrong is the price. Even though I received it at a discount I'm not sure I would be willing to actually pay the almost 13.00 for a piece of plastic. Other than that it's great.

  • Vince - I like using Crack the DAT because the program simulates the ...

    I received the program within the same day as I ordered it. I ran into some problems but they immediately fixed all of my issues. I like using Crack the DAT because the program simulates the actual DAT. Multiple tests and great explanations. Great bundle.

  • peter elliot - Quicken Disaster

    I installed and ran this program for the year of 2013. It is the most difficult program I have ever tried. Tech support is awful at best. In a years time they were not able to make the address book print properly. Online features sometimes do not link up and credit cards register twice in registry. Now I am doing taxes what a nightmare! As of January 1st I have uninstalled quicken 2013 and replaced it with my old reliable quicken 2001 deluxe. New not always better.

  • PixieRN - 5+ years and going strong!

    I purchased this treadmill from Sole in December 2009, and it is still going strong! It survived a move from Virginia to Georgia, and it is not a fun item to move - it is heavy! Unfortunately the government movers (I am in the Army) lost the bolts that hold the plastic arm covers on the treadmill, so they are zip-tied on. No big deal. Had an issue with the treadmill not functioning about 3 months after purchase, Sole sent a repair person and it was fixed quickly - just a loose wire. I am currently running about 15-20 miles a week, rehabbing a deployment injury (hip), and the treadmill is great. My only complaint is that it takes longer than I feel it should to get up to speed initially - I almost feel like I have to manually get the belt going, and I am only starting at 3.5 mph for a warm-up walk. I can't remember if it has always been so slow to start, but I don't think so. I run with a shoe pod and Nike+ sportwatch, so I am not too concerned about the display - as you can imagine, an older F63 is super basic, and that is fine! My sportwatch speed and calorie burn is very similar to what the treadmill reports. I have to say that over 5+ years, I have gotten my money's worth!

  • Kristen Fanning - Beautiful but not as good as the first.

    I'd give this 3.5 stars. The illustrated version is beautiful. I think my favorite one was Harry falling into the diary, which is very colorful, and several of the pictures are pretty amusing. However, multiple illustrations were only vaguely based on the story (ex. the illustration of the mandrakes' party with Sprout actually attending) and I agree with the other viewer that there were several scenes that would have been better to see instead of the slightly random series of portraits and that the overall style was a bit darker than suited the book. Plus he made Dobby look droopy, which really doesn't suit his personality.

  • Maria Cuenca - Yup, it lifts, firms and enhance your Booty*

    I want to say first the shipping was quick. I've been using the cream as directed I definitely see an improvement. My buttocks is lifting, firming and enhancing. I love the scent of the cream and when I put it on it absorbs quickly into my skin. I'm a satisfied customer : )