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Wall Ties, Damp Proofing and Basement Waterproofing - Twistfix are a leading UK supplier of specialized building products. Buy wall ties, damp proofing, basement waterproofing and crack repair products online

  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/waterproofing-membrane Waterproofing Membrane | Twistfix - Waterproofing membrane for waterproofing wall surfaces. Ideal tanking system for basement or cellar conversions.
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/crack-stitching Crack Stitching - Crack stitching products online with Twistfix. Twistfix products offer latest in crack stitching techniques to reinforce cracked walls
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/basement-waterproofing-products Basement Waterproofing Products - Basement waterproofing products and tanking products online. Membranes, plugs and waterproof tape. Trade prices with expert advice.
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/crack-repairs Crack Repair and Stitching | Resin Injection | Twistfix - Crack repair products for structural repairs to masonry walls including crack stitching brick reinforcement and resin injection systems
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/remedial-wall-ties Remedial Wall Ties | Twistfix - Remedial wall ties for cavity wall tie replacement from Twistfix. Twistfix supplies stainless steel brick ties for masonry wall structure repair.
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/masonry-ties Wall Ties | Remedial | Cavity | Lateral Restraint - Wall Ties supplied by Twistfix a variety of wall ties for use in new cavity walls, remedial wall ties applications and for added lateral restraint.
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/damp-proofing Damp Proofing - Twistfix supplies DPC cream, damp proof paint, electro osmosis treatments and other damp proofing products to help treat damp walls at an affordable price.
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/order-tracking Member sign in - Member sign in to the Twistfix site - damp proofing, wall ties, crack reapir and basement waterproofing
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/help-and-advice How to Repair Cracked Walls - How to repair cracks in walls How are wall stitching bars installed Is masonry stitching right for repairing active cracks in a brick wall
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/chemicals Construction Chemicals - Construction chemicals for building renovation including admixture systems for plastering walls, mould removal and wood preservative for surface treatment.
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/fire Fireproof Products | Fire Proof Paint | Twistfix - Intumescent Paint, Foil Insulation, Fire Retardant Varnish and other fireproof products from Twistfix online.
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/fixings Construction Fasteners | Insulation Fixings | Twistfix - Twistfix's professional construction fasteners and fixings provide strong structural support and reinforcement.
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/roofing Roof Repairs | Gutters | Flashings | Roof Coatings - Roof repairs maintain gutters flashings and roof coatings. These products are the first defence homes have to the UK weather
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/tools Applicators | Dispensing Guns, Setting Tools | Sprayers - When you order goods from Twistfix don’t forget to order from our range of applicators and accessories. As the saying goes a workman is only as good as his tool
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/diy-damp-proofing-cream-380-dpc-kit DIY Damp Proofing Cream Twistfix DPC Kit - Buy damp proofing cream for DIY damp proof treatment. Stop damp walls with DampCure 380 DPC injection kit for do it yourself damp proofing at trade prices
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/wall-ties-20m-kit WPage Title:all Ties | 20m Brick Wall Tie Kit - Wall ties in a wall tie installation kit having sufficient cavity ties for 20 square metres based on wall te spacing of 2.5 ties per m2..
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/fire-retardant-varnish Fire Retardant Varnish - Twistfix - Fire retardant varnish forms part of a Class 0 rated fire protection system for interior wood
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/brick-reinforcement Brick Reinforcement - Brick reinforcement stitching bars are used to reinforce and strengthen areas of fractured brick and masonry walls
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/new-products New Twistfix Products - Buy new damp Proofing, wall ties, crack repair and basement waterproofing products
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/flood-pump-kit Flood Pump Kit - Flood Pump Kit with 20m hose removes flood water with speed and efficiency. Discharges up to 10,000 litres/ hour
  • https://www.twistfix.co.uk/dry-ridge-system Dry Ridge System | Twistfix - This ventilated dry ridge system delivers a quick, easy to fit and durable roof ridge

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  • Derrick - amazed, and shock what this software does

    I received this product within three days, what fast and expedite service. I was kind of worry that this will not meet my needs because of the price. I was highly surprised, amazed, and shock what this software does. I have been spending big bucks for my small business on payroll software and this cd does it all. It tops the well known brand names, its simpler, easy to follow and up to date. I wish I had known about this before now, and they have a customer for life. Not only that, any questions you have you can send them an email and they reply within minutes. I like that, excellent customer service all the way round. Two thumbs up to all at TKT Enterprises!!

  • mehul sonigra - Letters to share holder

    Excellent way to pick into the brain of investment and business genius. It reaffirms the beliefs in fundamental, independent thinking and charting your own course.

  • Sheila Dayton - Welcome Back Roe!

    I feel like a loved friend has returned to me! I have read (and reread!) the Aurora Teagarden mysteries so many times, the characters feel like old friends. And I'm so happy to have Roe and Robin back sluething! When I first pulled the book out of the Amazon package, I was a bit disappointed to see what a small book it was - but then, the series has always been shorter books. The plus side to that, is that the story is all action (nothing makes me bored more quickly than an author who devotes several pages to describing the setting - at some point I don't care about the texture of the curtains or the plushness of the carpets - just get on with it! But I guess they have to do something to get those books so long!). The writing is well done, the plot is very good. I thought Aurora was a little slow in figuring out "whodunnit" but that slowness was in many ways consistent with everything going on in her life - those early days of pregnancy with public vomiting and feeling so tired and foggy were right on the money. I also appreciated how the book captured the horror of bullying gone amuck and the hell that parenting without boundaries being set for kids can lead to. I loved this book. And I think every fan of this series will love it as well. Please Ms Harris - bring us more - I need to hear how motherhood is going for Aurora!

  • L christy - Perfect trajectory for me

    I think they are terrific. The trajectory off the club face is exactly what I wanted. I just wonder about all these people that want "soft" or more "feel". I'm thinking maybe it might not be the ball that needs more "feel".

  • Alyssa A - Genius Product

    Like a lot of others I saw the viral video of a hair brush straightener going around and wanted it! I couldn't justify spending that much money on it so I looked for another reasonable alternative and found this. And all I have to say is: WOW! It does a great job at quickly straightening the hair. The problem I had with flat irons was that pressing the hair between two hot plates seemed dangerous for the hair and would make my hair as straight as a board. Other people look great with that look, but me not so much. This makes the hair look like your hair is naturally straight. I've seen others say the button placement is in a bad spot because they keep hitting it, but I have found no such problem at all. I would have to actively try to hit it!

  • shada - It's not as easy as it looks

    I don't care for this board .It's not as easy as it looks. Could be my balance isn't as good as it used to be. Probably works good for younger people, but older people might have a problem too.

  • H. Guger - My "expert" opinion

    I contracted poison ivy three days ago. I've had it often enough to know that, once I identify the rash, I have at least four weeks of topical creams, oatmeal baths, and weeping blisters to look forward to. As I'm breastfeeding, I wanted something that wouldn't affect my baby. As I also have the flu, I have little tolerance for other discomfort. So, Zanfel claims safety for nursing moms and relief from itching in 15 seconds to three minutes. I figured it was worth a shot, even if it cost a lot.