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University Hospital, Newark, NJ - The University Hospital is a separate, independent medical center. A regional resource for advanced care in a wide range of medical specialties. We are home to northern New Jersey’s Level I Trauma Center and to specialty programs such as the Center for Liver Diseases and the Comprehensive Stroke Center.

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  • Richard in MO - It's a very good product

    I'm a registered pharmacist in St. Louis, Missouri. I was very skeptical in '99 when this stuff first came out. My first customer was a Dr.'s office that ordered 5 tubes of it for his office. Back then it was more like $60 per bottle. That got my attention. I sold a bottle or two to people who were desperate, at this point I was still not promoting the product. These few customers were coming back and raving about it. Since then I've sold probably a hundred tubes to people and I can tell you without question that Zanfel works for far more people than it doesn't. The cost is high, but so are office visits, and prescription meds. The prescription meds only reduce your body's reaction to the urushiol by the way. They do not "cure" you, because they don't even attempt to rid your skin of the problem. I quite honestly believe that Zanfel is more effective than steroids for that reason. I have folks make special trips to the pharmacy just to tell me that it worked for them. In my line of work, that doesn't happen often. I can only think of a handful of Rx drugs that work so well that people are compelled to tell me about it. Triptan migraine meds like Imitrex, proton pump inhibitors like Nexium, heavy cII narcotics of course, Chantix anti-smoking capsules (another good newer product), and Zanfel are the only items that work or provide enought relief to make people happy enough to tell pharmacists about it. If you don't believe what I've said, then ask someone who works in a pharmacy.

  • Francis-Vu Anh Tran - Not even worth one star!

    I was very disappointed at the product. I purchased two health BG1 for my parents. They both work for three months and stopped working. I thought it was just the software issue, so I deleted, reseted and reinstalled but both of the iHealth didn't work at all. I even tried to change to other phones but both didn't work. I sent an email to iHealth lab. Hope they can solve the issue.

  • Mary Russom - The most racist material I have ever read.

    The most racist material I have ever read. As a life-long (White) resident of Birmingham (69 years), I have lived through the civil rights era and beyond. I lived through the events of 1963, and they changed my perspective forever. I would not like to return to the Birmingham I knew before 1963. I do not suffer from White Guilt, because I was just a child before 1963, and see injustice where it exists. Sure, racism still exists in Birmingham and Alabama, and Black (and now Hispanic) citizens still are affected by it. Replete with bad grammar, misspellings and misstatements and distortions of fact, this book should be avoided by anyone hoping to gain insight into Birmingham and the events which shaped its future, I recommend Diane McWhorter's book, Carry Me Home, for starters.

  • Mimi - Good value and almost as good as Wen

    I had used an entire bottle of Wen when I came across this product and read the reviews on Amazon. I thought given the price difference from Wen, it was worth a try. I'm about 1/2 way through my bottle and while I like it, I still like the way my hair feels after showering with Wen a bit better. I have highlighted blonde hair that has body/wave and I found that my hair felt softer and combed easier with Wen than Hair One. This is not to say that it is a bad product or that I wouldn't buy it again, because I would given the value for the money. It's just to say that if cost was equal, I'd stick with Wen. Regardless of product, I'm now a big fan of this type of hair shampoo/conditioner combo and will stick with one of the two products for a while.

  • Blaze - Everything you need to pass in one well written book

    This is a very well written and informative study guide. It covers all the topics and areas that will be on the actual exam. I love the practice questions, this really enables the test taker to be ready for the types of questions on the exam and gives them an idea of how the questions will be formatted. Overall I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a complete study guide to help them pass the exam and take the next step towards success. I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and review. All thoughts are my own.

  • emilyfletcher - Misleading About the Number of Practice Tests - You can only use 3/7 practice tests

    I bought this book for the 7 practice tests. 3 practice tests are in the book and 4 are online access only. This would have been fine except the McGraw-Hill test website has no scrolling capability. You WILL NOT be able to take these tests because you WILL NOT be able to see neither all of the answer options nor the entire answer explanations.

  • judith strasser - Is there a man out there who could survive this?

    I thought I would hate this book, but since my book club chose it, I decided to give it a try. Much to my surprise, it is on my top twenty books ever read. As I consider our 21st century men with their hip clothes, permed and colored hair, lively after shave, and life style of gym to pub to couch for an evening of reality shows, I ask the question: is there one out there who could live through this ordeal?