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  • dabbylynn - I had one 8 years ago that come with my ...

    I had one 8 years ago that come with my maincoone a lady gave me..I never had any issues with it but I couldn't remember the name brand. I now have 2 cats..I purchased this & along with 2 refills..it came in a timely manor..I read on another website that one diffuser covers 600 sq ft..my open area is probably 1000 sq ft. So I probably needed 2.. I put it in my bedroom at night and I noticed it did calm my short haired hyper cat that wakes me up a dozen times a night..She now sleeps & when she is up she is much quieter ..today is my 3rd day using it & I moved to to an outlet over a wooden floor..I have NOT turned it in any direction, just put the bottle in the way it's suppose to go & plugged it in..I walked by a couple of hours later & saw that it was leaking onto my floor..I don't know if it's on my carpet yet in the bedroom. I also read on another site that you need to wash your hands after each handling because you don't want the liquid on your skin. QUESTION... Has anyone else had the leaking problem & if so what did you do about it to get it to stop? I don't want to ruin my floors. I had to give it only a 3 star rating because it is leaking.. All replies welcome..thanks in advance..

  • Julia Brown - Run Don't Walk to order or pick one up!

    First off, we have had issues getting high speed internet service to our home for years (we live in the country) and switched back and forth trying to find an internet provider that worked. We finally received stable service at about 25 Mbps +. We consistently received the 25 when wired connection but WiFi was a different story. We are overloaded with devices: 3 desktop computers, 3 laptops, 4 smartphones, 3 game systems, you get the idea! Speeds when connected on WiFi would range from 10-15 Mbs to less than 1 and would buffer and stall depending on your location in the house. Everyone in my family was frustrated, I tried fancy routers, extenders, Powerline adapters with limited success.

  • K.C. - I love, love

    I love, love, love this face moisturizer and I began purchasing them on Amazon after our local Costco stopped carrying them. My skin is super sensitive. I've always been prone to breakouts, and my skin fluctuates between dry and oily. About two years ago, I also became really sensitive to certain creams, moisturizers, and foundations. Enter: Aveeno. I don't believe this product clogs my pores and it moisturizes well without leaving any sort of greasy feeling. Frankly, I'm addicted to it. It helps soothes my skin after I got a little brave and tried a facial product that backfired on me. Also, the prices on Amazon are generally $2-5 cheaper than my local Target or grocery store.

  • dave - Another great Christmas star for your tree

    Another great Christmas star for our tree. We've been collecting these for about 20 years and they never disappoint.