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Unite For Sight - Unite For Sight® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers communities worldwide to improve eye health and eliminate preventable blindness.

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  • a believer - Great Price

    I was very pleased with my purchase and would buy again from the company that sold it. It was a decent discount, and if you buy over a certain amount, the postage is free. I couldn't beat it any place else.

  • Mom of 1 - The ONLY solution for bed-wetting!!

    my son is an occasional bed wetter, and my battle with this problem has led me to try EVERY home-made concoction as well as almost every product on the market. This hands-down is the best and only product that I will every use again. Not only did it remove the urine smell, it also removed stains that the other products had left!! This is AMAZING!!!

  • Michelle - Great, safe body wash for little ones

    I bought this because I love Earth Mama Angel Baby products (the nipple butter and diaper cream have been godsends for us this first year of parenting!) and also because I discovered the Skin Deep database through the Environmental Working Group (EWG). This database ranks products based on the toxicity of their ingredients, and I immediately evaluated all the products in my house, especially those I use with my son. I didn't like the Honest Company body wash I was using with him (I felt it was too scented), so I hit the database and found this as an option. It foams, which he loves, and it doesn't take much to get him all clean, including his hair!

  • Gail Baschwitz - The Art Of Shaving Cream Lavender

    My husband's barber recommended this. I bought it for him. He loves it. He says it gives him a real close shave. For traveling he put some in a small container. You have to buy a shaving brush. My dad always used a shaving brush. Dad's know best.

  • Sharon G. Mensing - Longmire in Sturgis

    For his twelfth full-length outing, Walt Longmire is in Hulett, Wyoming, just over the border from Sturgis, South Dakota, in the midst of the famous motorcycle rally. While Henry Standing Bear, his longtime friend, attempts to repeat a biking race win from 20 years ago, Walt looks into the cause of a young man's crash that has left the boy in a coma. We meet Lola, the real person after whom Bear's Thunderbird is named, and whose son is the young man in question. Walt's daughter and granddaughter are now in Cheyenne, and his undersheriff, Vic, eventually joins up with Walt and Henry in Hulett. For loyal followers of the series, Johnson's filling in of the background is sufficient. For those new to the series, it would be best to first read KINDNESS GOES UNPUNISHED. Many of the events and interactions in AN OBVIOUS FACT harken back to that third in the series. On the other hand, those who are most interested in the Sturgis setting and the outlaw motorcycle gang angle may not be bothered by not completely understanding the references to the past.

  • Renee' - Workouts aren't any Joke

    Jillian Michaels fitness tapes are a really good workout tapes. When you are done you have burned some calories. This was at a really good price.

  • TennMom - rating for RidX shipments

    I give this arrangement with Amazon to ship one box of RidX to our home monthly the highest rating possible. The shipment arrives every month right on time. It helps to keep me on track for a monthly treatment of the septic system. i am prone to forgetting about it. I would like to continue this order system from Amazon for as long as we remain in this house. I would recommend this product and service to anyone maintaining a septic system. Amazon is great at what they do. We order from them often and always receive our order promptly and in top order.