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  • Janice Peters - Very happy for first 5 days until .....

    I transferred from Windows version 2007 and everything transferred beautifully. Today, only five days later, my Quickbooks started freezing up. The home page started showing un deposited funds that I had deposited so I called the free customer support. They told me that my data needed to be rebuilt for $299.00. and this was not covered under my free technical support. More than the cost of the program! I'm so disappointed. At least it happened before I entered lots of new transactions. The real rub is how in human and indifferent the customer service reps behaved. They really don't care.

  • J. Hayes-schaefer - Beautiful boot but not comfortable

    This beautiful soft dark grey, over the knee boot is exactly what I have been searching for. There was just one problem, it feels like the base of shoe/boot form is constructed of a hard plastic and it rubs below my ankle in all the wrong ways. I knew instantly after putting my foot into this boot that this would be a problem. I expected more comfort from a boot in this price range. They are going back.