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City: -8.6891 Porto, Portugal

  • Marilyn Craaybeek - Worst machine ever!

    I had one of the first Haans and it worked great for years. Then I bought the next one with more bells and whistles, like the hand held tank. I used it for a couple of years and it bit the dust. I called Haan and ordered a new one. This one did not steam for more than a month and would not heat. They replaced it, but I used it twice and was in the hospital for a gunshot wound and did not use it for months. when I started using it, it would intermittently heat and not very hot at that. Haan would not replace it because it was two weeks out of warranty. I bought a bissel on Amazon and this beats the Haan all to pieces. Please don't buy this sorry piece of garbage steamer - get a bissel. That steamer really steams and got spots off the linoleum floor that the Haan had never taken off in all the time I used it. Get a Bissel.

  • David Gertler - Solid piece of equipment, does the job well

    We got our F80 five months ago after researching a variety of other makes and models. We've put about 350 miles on it so far - mainly me, running at 7 to 9 minutes per mile for 30 to 90 minutes. I've been pleased with it, and especially compared to some higher-priced ones I considered, it seems like good value for the money. If possible, I'd give it four-and-a-half stars, but five isn't that much of a stretch.

  • LaShane N Ricketts - yessssssssssd

    I lover this. Cut down my blow dry time in half. I have no relaxer in my hair and it takes forever to blow dry it straight but this product cut my time I. Half.