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  • Starzo - Is not for me

    I bought this product hoping it would remove the few hairs above my lips. I followed the instructions, the first time leaving the removal cream on for 6 minutes, did not work, next time tried leaving it on for 8 minutes, did not work, was going to try 10 minutes, but accidently left it on for 12 minutes, did not work.

  • Christian Fiction Addiction - Suspenseful and timely

    Top-rated cable news host Erica Sparks has found great success working for GNN, but knows she needs to keep working harder than ever if her show is going to post higher ratings and her position is going to be further secured. With the next presidential election looming, Erica sets out to cover the candidates hoping to secure the next presidential win. But a sudden tragedy soon finds Erica investigating whether candidate Mike Ortiz and his wife Celeste are all they seem to be, or whether there is a layer of darkness hiding from the public's view. Erica's search for the truth soon finds her very life, and those she loves, at risk.

  • Jackie - Hair growth, repairs dry brittle hair and split ends, doesn't leave hair frizzy and grows hair!!!

    This product is amazing, I use it everyday and after a 2 weeks I notices my hair was a lot more moisturized and also had less split ends then I had when I first used the product. My hair grew a lot more and was way more manageable then before, I have very curly hair, if i did my hair in the morning I would have tangles and knots by the afternoon, I recommend this product to everyone that want's to keep there curls in check and the great thing is it cuts down time when I air dry, make sure you apply this product everywhere and make little curls with your finger.

  • Herb - I upgraded from True Image 2012 to 2016 (Windows 10 ...

    I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and discovered I needed to upgrade from True Image 2012 to Windows 10 compatible True Image 2016.

  • Janet Burger - Unusual

    The author could have slowed down, dragged it out and gotten a trilogy out of this.....he didn't leave out any of the good stuff but got the whole thing in one book anyway. A really good book too!


    My whole family uses this. Smooth non greasy cream and pleasant natural scent. Fabulous for your skin - keeps a natural glow and smooths lines for me but also great for young adults/teenagers for their antioxidant value. Best to teach kids healthy skin care early.