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Valley Thyroid Institute | Non-Drug Thyroid Approach - Thyroid Symptoms? Valley Thyroid Institute Is Offering A Revolutionary New Thyroid Protocol Approach That Gets To The SOURCE of Your Thyroid Problem.

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  • Lauren Scott - Exactly What I Needed

    Although I had my reservations, I decided to take a chance and try to order an uncut/unprogrammed spare key (with separately-purchased keyless remote) for my car. I bought a (used) car last month, and it only came with one set of key/remote. I inquired at the dealership and was informed that a new set would run me about $300 or so. After checking around the Internet, I discovered a few companies that sold uncut/unprogrammed keys/remotes; while some were sketchier-looking than others, I decided that eKeylessRemotes looked okay - but ordered through Amazon just to be safe.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing

    Nicole Jackson you never disappoint!!!! The wait was definitely worth it.. I'm so happy that you don't put out those little short stories...I really enjoyed this book and how you included Taraj and Taz I was wondering what happen to them after the incident of Promiscuous Girl 2... Any who Wale is my new book bae. Wale and Keyasia are CRAZY but I love them lol

  • Josue - great bag for almost all gear

    A nice and sturdy bag, holds almost all of my gear including: pants, jersey, marker, loader, 68 tank, elbow pads, knee pads, ect... except for my pod pack and pods but still makes a great bag.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing!

    This facial cleanser will make your skin feel so clean, smooth and refreshed after just one use! It smells great and the bubbels seem to wash away everything. Even my waterproof make up! Love it.

  • Jack Jones - Not as advertised.

    I planted this mixture and kept it watered for two weeks and nothing happened. Finally after about a month some of the rye grass started to sprout but probably only 10 percent or so. I have not yet seen any evidence of the fescue or Kentucky bluegrass.

  • Rainbow911 - Mostly as advertised

    Works MOSTLY as advertised. The chopper is great and a nice replacement for my mini chopper. The individual cup blenders do in fact blend most everything to a liquid form. The individual cups blade works VERY fast; with only a 2-3 second pulse can grind a cup of ice to shavings. It does leave a very fine pulp for solid foods, such as carrots, but otherwise does very well. The big blender works but does NOT blend solids to a liquid form like the individual cups do. Commercials advertise using the blender exactly the same as the cups, but that's not accurate. It works pretty much as your average blender would work. If you're trying to make a health shake with veggies and fruits, use the cups because the blender will not do the job. The great thing about the blender blade design is that it blend thicker substances together, where as a regular blender blade would just spin in the bottom without combining the whole product.