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Venom Research Solutions - Supplying Venom Arrays for Drug Discovery - Venomtech Ltd - Venom Supplier - Venomtech limited supply compound libraries of animal venoms for hit-to-tool screening and biotherapeutic tools. Molecular biology and biological safety consultancy & education.

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  • marcia - I love this product it's amazing I've been using this soap ...

    I love this product it's amazing I've been using this soap now over 3 months and it's taking away almost all of the discoloration on. my face

  • Debra Crosby - Fun and exciting

    This from my grandson for whom this was ordered: I had this for the XBox 360 and now have the XBox One so it was one of the games I wanted to keep in my game library. Fun and exciting.

  • David McMicken - I would have preferred to buy a book on manure

    This book taught me a lot, a lot about how to be the most mean spirited person I could possibly be if I wanted to. I can not even give this a single star. If this is the words of the he conservatives then we do need a revolution in deed. His own perry member colleagues should come out and denounce this small man for what he is: Out of date by centuries and not wanted. People may be entitled to their 'opinion' but this vitriolic diatribe borders on vilification. Do not waste your money. If you want to read crap, read the back of a bag of manure

  • Lolo DeMo - My skin tone has evened out!!!! Amazing

    This product is great. I've been using it along with there night cream and I feel like my skin has never looked or felt better. This cream in the last few weeks and smoothed out my uneven skin tones. I put this on at night and my face feels smooth all day the next day too. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. I would definitely by this product again when it runs out!