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  • donna - I like the bag--it's strong

    I like the bag--it's strong, good organizational compartments, and a strong strap--but found that the material of the bag made it too heavy (even with very little in it) for me to use it everyday commuting and walking around.

  • Bruce - But it did handle multiple participants nicely and allowed the host to display pages for review ...

    I thought this would run as an app on my Kindle Fire, but it's incompatible with the OS. I used the web version on my PC for a multi-person meeting, and it was as OK as Skype--which is to say that it froze, had sound problems, etc. But it did handle multiple participants nicely and allowed the host to display pages for review by the participants when he wished.

  • isaytomatoyousaytomahto - Love the New Yorker and being able to enjoy it ...

    Love the New Yorker and being able to enjoy it on my Kindle Fire HDX is wonderful. The Kindle version allows increasing font size, has extras , and is easily navigable. The only drawback is that the ads lack adjustment capability. But the ads arent why I subscribed.

  • Chaparra - I adore this cream!

    This cream smells so wonderful and light. It is really thick but doesn't clog your pores. I have used Ponds for extra dry skin face lotion for several years and never thought I would stray either. I still love it but this could easily become my new favorite. It doesn't leave that oily/shiny look that the ponds does. I haven't used it long enough to be able to claim improvement in my skin but I'm already sold. I am definitely going to get the face wash, serum and toner now.

  • KMajda - The recipes I made all turned out really good - very tasty! Plus the book is very pretty.

    Each recipe comes with a description of how it is related to the Harry Potter stories. There are also historical facts about the dishes and England which I really appreciated for their educational value for my daughter. The book itself is very pretty, with paper made to look like parchment and an appealing layout, font, coloring, etc - the edges of the paper have a torn parchment effect.