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VHC Physician Group - The Virginia Hospital Center (VHC) Physician Group is a multi-specialty group comprised of over 130 members of primary care physicians and a wide range of specialists and surgeons located across Northern Virginia.

  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/about/our-patient-portal/ Patient Portal Access – VHC Physician Group - For your convenience, we offer two Patient Portals that will allow you to gain access to your Electronic Health Record (EHR). If you are a patient of one of the
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/forms/ Patient Forms – VHC Physician Group - In order to minimize your time spent in the waiting room and maximize your time spent in the exam room with a member of our care team, we request that
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/contact/ Contact Us – VHC Physician Group - General Questions? Call 703.717.7100 Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Billing Questions? Call 703.723.4451 or 800.558.9759 Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/primary-care/ Primary Care in Northern Virginia – VHC Physician Group - The Doctor Will See You Now A Primary Care Doctor Can… Serve as your advocate and home base for all medical records and care decisions Provide recommended flu shots and vaccinations
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/alexandria/ Primary Care Alexandria – VHC Physician Group - Welcome to Primary Care Alexandria. Our Primary Care doctors strongly believe in good health maintenance, disease prevention and incorporating the patient in decision making regarding their care and treatment plans.
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/arlington/ Primary Care Arlington – VHC Physician Group - All of our Primary Care Physicians are Board Certified in Internal Medicine and focus on preventative care as well as diagnoses and management of both acute and chronic illnesses. Our
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/falls-church/ Primary Care Falls Church – VHC Physician Group - We are a primary care practice specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of medical conditions. Our providers are well-known respected practitioners who have been long established
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/mclean/ Primary Care McLean – VHC Physician Group - The physicians of Primary Care McLean are dedicated to providing the best in internal medicine for the greater Arlington area. We believe that providing high-quality care is not only about
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/oldtown/ Primary Care Old Town – VHC Physician Group - Staffed by an experienced patient care team, Primary Care Old Town provides state-of-the-art medical care, including same-day urgent appointments, extended hours and in-house lab services.
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/specialty-care/ Specialty Care – VHC Physician Group - The Virginia Hospital Center (VHC) Physician Group is a multi-specialty group of primary care physicians and a wide range of specialists located throughout northern Virginia. Our physicians are carefully selected
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/surgical-specialties/ Surgical Specialties – VHC Physician Group - With more than 16,000 surgeries performed at Virginia Hospital Center in 2013, the Hospital is a regional leader in surgical procedures. The Hospital is committed to the utilizing advanced surgical
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/breast-health/ Center for Breast Health – VHC Physician Group - The Reinsch Pierce Family Center for Breast Health at Virginia Hospital Center provides the most advanced and dedicated care of the patient with breast disease. We are the first breast center in
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/colorectal-surgery/ Colorectal Surgery – VHC Physician Group - At Colorectal Surgery, we are dedicated to the sensitive, sophisticated treatment of patients with diseases and disorders affecting the colon, rectum and anus.  Read More »  
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/gynecologic-oncology/ Gynecologic Oncology – VHC Physician Group - Mark G. Doherty, MD, FACOG, FACS is a board-certified surgeon who has over 25 years of experience in cancer medicine. Read More
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/plastic-reconstructive-surgery/ Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery – VHC Physician Group - Dr. Sarosh Zafar is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who joins the VHC Physician Group after extensive training and experience in the most advanced techniques of reconstructive surgery. Learn More »
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/podiatry/ Podiatry – VHC Physician Group - Rudolph Anderson, Jr., DPM is a board-certified podiatric foot and ankle surgeon who is trained in all aspects of foot and ankle treatment. Read More
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/surgical-specialists/ Surgical Specialists – VHC Physician Group - Surgical Specialists at Virginia Hospital Center provides an unparalleled level of care in General Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Hernia Surgery, and Surgical Oncology to patients in Northern Virginia area.
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/urology/ Urology – VHC Physician Group - Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group Urology was established in June 2005 in order to provide the best urological care in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Read More »
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/medical-specialties/ Medical Specialties – VHC Physician Group - Our Medical Specialty practices consist of physicians that have been carefully selected for their ability to deliver compassionate medical care at the highest level. When you entrust your medical care to
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/cardiology/ Cardiology – VHC Physician Group - Board-certified in Cardiology, Drs. Perrin, Tabandeh, Bock, and Thorn will provide services in general and complex cardiology, interventional cardiology, echocardiography, nuclear imaging, and weight management in Northern Virginia. Learn More
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/infectious-diseases/ Infectious Diseases – VHC Physician Group - Rohit Modak, MD and Ian Seemungal, MD provide outpatient and inpatient care for a wide range of infection-related medical and surgical problems. Our physicians are dedicated to helping patients with a variety of infectious diseases
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/maternal-fetal-medicine/ Maternal Fetal Medicine – VHC Physician Group - The Maternal Fetal Medicine Department offers you the expert services of our physicians who specialize in the care of high-risk pregnancies. Our Maternal & Fetal Medicine physicians will work closely
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/physical-medicine-rehabilitation/ Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – VHC Physician Group - Edward Allcock, DO and Daniel Davis, MD provide outpatient and inpatient care aimed at treating and preventing pain, restoring function and providing physical, occupational and speech therapy. Read More
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/wound-care/ Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine – VHC Physician Group - The new Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center at Virginia Hospital Center is among three wound healing centers in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and part of a new network of 400
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/hospital-based-care/ Hospital-Based Care – VHC Physician Group - Imagine that you become ill or injured and require hospitalization. The Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group has a compassionate, skilled team of hospital-based care physicians who will care for you
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/hospitalists/ Hospitalists – Hospitalists – VHC Physician Group - What is a Hospitalist? Hospitalists are hospital-based Physicians who focus on providing comprehensive medical care of hospitalized patients. They are responsible for coordinating all aspects of inpatient care during a
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/ob-gyn/ OB/GYN Hospitalists – OB/GYN Hospitalists – VHC Physician Group - What is an OB/GYN Hospitalist? OB/GYN Hospitalists are hospital-based Physicians who focus on providing comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic care services to hospitalized patients. Virginia Hospital Center has successfully implemented a hospitalist
  • http://www.vhcphysiciangroup.com/palliative-medicine/ Palliative Medicine – Palliative Medicine – VHC Physician Group - The Palliative Care Service at Virginia Hospital Center began in 2004 as the first hospital-based palliative care program in Northern Virginia. Palliative Care is dedicated to relieving suffering and improving

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