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  • I. Gurin - Thought-provoking

    Attempts to discern hidden motives behind Obama's behavior. Provocative but well-reasoned. Gets four stars instead of five for a brief sensationalist segment toward the end.

  • haven2848 - Not big enough!!

    I like this conditioner but one bottle only lasts me two shampoos. I need a tub of this. But it works a hydrating miracle on my hair. After extreme heat damage by a hairstylist, this did the trick to bring my natural curls back.

  • Brian J. Foshee - OK, if this isn't the best thing since sliced bread, I don't know what is.

    I guess I can't give yonana credit for the taste of creamed shredded frozen bananas but OH MAN!! You would think it was cream, sugar and banana flavoring... but its JUST BANANA!! The first full banana ends up inside the machine and at the end you have to clean about 1 banana out of it but it's worth it! I freeze about 10 bananas now and do them all at once into a container and put it in the freezer. The entire family uses it as if it was a quart of ice-cream. My wife likes to mix in a little peanut butter with hers but I like it plain.

  • Phil McKrakin - the plastic construction does not seem super durable, so I would not test your luck ...

    Works as intended, and is a cute addition to our room. My 2.5 year old picked up the "red stay in bed, green get up and go" in one night, and rarely leaves her room before the light turns green now. Effectively ended our, too often, sub 6AM mornings. It's been dropped off a shelf onto carpeted floor a couple of times and survived. However, the plastic construction does not seem super durable, so I would not test your luck (i.e. leave it up high enough your child won't reach it).