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Vienna Medical Clinic - A Yellow-fever certified GP and Travel clinic. - Vienna Medical Clinic is a Yellow-fever certified GP and Travel clinic. Services available: General Medicine, Minor Surgery, Vaccination, Travel Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Health Screening. Affiliated insurance panels include: Alliance, AXA, Great Eastern, NTUC, Prudential. Kindly present your insurance card and identity card for further enquiries.

Country:, Asia, SG

City: 103.8565 Central Singapore Community Development Council, Singapore

  • ILoveLivingRural - Works Okay But Don't Expect Miracles. Worked Great On Our Headlight Lenses!-Edit: DO NOT Use On Headlight Lenses!

    This is not miracle cure for dull black plastic but it works okay. I would recommend using this on newer cars or trucks that haven't seen years of weather.

  • Suzanne Deschenes - NO MORE WINE!

    I LOVE MY GREENS! I bought them because the idea of eating the equivalent of 8 salads before I left the house appealed to me. I'm a single mom of 4 and a busy executive… often I eat peanuts and protein bars as my meals… it's awful. I noticed the increased energy and all of those amazing benefits, but the one unexpected benefit that I noticed was reduced cravings. Specifically my nightly cocktail. I run, run, run all day and after I finally get the 4 kiddos to bed and finish up my work and house chores I typically have a beer or cocktail to wind down before I go to bed myself. I've been doing this for EVER. Since taking the GREENS I do not want or feel that I need a drink to wind down. It's hard to explain. But I almost have an aversion to alcohol now and really don't crave sweets or fatty foods, either. They're just not appealing to me anymore. I also have weathered this winter much better this year - and it's been a rough one. Last winter I didn't want to get out of bed and was miserable. I wake up bright and ready to go this year. Anyhoo… I love the stuff so much that I did sign up to be a distributor. I don't have any Customers, but I do get better pricing - it's only $33/month. If you have any questions check out www.suzi.myitworks.com - I'll help in any way that I can. Thx!

  • Jen and Chas - if you are like me and have multiple cell phones to charge

    This is a very handy device, if you are like me and have multiple cell phones to charge, and other usb devices, like tablets, e- readers, cameras or any other usb chargers that usually plug into a cube and then into the power outlet. This is an all in one device, and uses only the usb ends. The Rapid Charger unit comes well packed in a nice sturdy box. Open it up, remove the items from the box and no instructions necessary. Just set the charger in the cradle and plug the unit into your power source. The little blue lightning bolt lights up telling you that it is working. There is no need for an on and off button. Then plug all those usb cables for your phones, and e-readers etc..into one of the available slots in this charger unit. We usually charge our cell phones and such on the kitchen counter. In which you can only charge 2 devices at a time per outlet. Now with the 6 port rapid charger I can not only charge up to 6 devices at a time, but this also takes up alot less space and since it's a rapid charger, it charges quicker. I was chosen to test and review this product and agreed to give my opinion of how it worked for me.

  • Robert Casale - An aid to those with arthritis

    I cannot truly evaluate this product yet because I've only consummed two cans and the results are sketchy at this time. I don't feel any relief but the maker said it reinforces itself over time. We shall see. It's a mixture of Glucosamine and Chondroitin and has additional vitamins to help your immune system. The flavor is Peach Mango and it tastes pretty good. I hope it works because my knees need some major rejuvenation.