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Senior Living in Lisle, IL | Villa St. Benedict - A faith-based senior living community providing independent and assisted living needs in Chicago's western suburbs. Join our community today!

  • http://www.villastben.org/news/index.php#mainstory News & Events Catholic Assisted Senior Living Lisle| Villa St. Benedict - Villa St. Benedict provides Catholic Assisted Senior Living. It is Faith Based and has many amenities and a spacious living environment in Lisle, IL. Click here to read the latest news and learn about upcoming community events at Villa St. Benedict, Chicagoland's premier senior living community.
  • http://www.villastben.org/independent/index.php Senior Independent Living | Villa St. Benedict - Faith-based Senior Independent Living in Chicago's western suburbs. Explore our spacious villa homes, apartments, and community today in Lisle, IL.
  • http://www.villastben.org/about/video-testimonials.php Senior Assisted Living Lisle | Villa St. Benedict - Browse through videos of Senior Assisted Living residents to learn about their experiences. Contact us for more information!
  • http://www.villastben.org/independent/the-villas.php Senior Living Homes Lisle | Villa St. Benedict - Looking for Senior Living Homes in Lisle, IL? Villa St. Benedict is a Faith Based senior living with many services and activities. Call for more information!
  • http://www.villastben.org/independent/the-villas-flps.php Floor Plans | The Villas at Villa St. Benedict - Explore unique floor plans from Villa St. Benedict's spacious senior housing. Live your own life, your own way. Join our community today!
  • http://www.villastben.org/independent/villas-photo-gallery.php Villas Photo Gallery | Villa St. Benedict - Take a peek at daily life for residents at Villa St. Benedict, a premier senior living community in Chicago's western suburbs. Join our community today!
  • http://www.villastben.org/independent/the-apartments.php Assisted Retirement Living - Lisle| Villa St. Benedict - Explore our Assisted Retirement Living Apartments. Villa St. Benedict is a Catholic assisted living facility located in Lisle, IL.
  • http://www.villastben.org/independent/vsb-activities-calendar.php Calendar of Activities | Villa St. Benedict - Discover what's new and upcoming at Villa St. Benedict - take a look at our Calendar of Activities. Updated monthly!
  • http://www.villastben.org/assisted/index.php Assisted Senior Living Lisle | Villa St. Benedict - Help your loved one lead a more fulfilling and active life. Villa St. Benedict is an Assisted Senior Living in Lisle, IL. Contact is for more information!
  • http://www.villastben.org/assisted/benedale-activities-calendar.php Benedale Center Calendar of Activities - Discover what's new and upcoming at Villa St. Benedict by taking a look at our Calendar of Activities. Updated monthly!
  • http://www.villastben.org/assisted/memory-care-abbey-lane.php Memory Care Assisted Living | Benedale Center - Benedale Center's memory care program aids seniors with mild to moderate cognitive impairment. Learn more about our assisted living facility today.
  • http://www.villastben.org/assisted/memeory-care-activities-calendar.php Calendar of Activities | Benedale Center - Discover what's new and upcoming at the Benedale Center for Memory Care by taking a look at our Calendar of Activities. Updated monthly!
  • http://www.villastben.org/about/index.php Catholic Senior Living Lisle | Villa St. Benedict - Villa St. Benedict provides Catholic Senior Living in Lisle, IL. Help your loved ones lead a comfortable life while honoring their Catholic faith.
  • http://www.villastben.org/about/core-values.php Core Values | Villa St. Benedict - Discover the four core values of Hospitality, Stewardship, Respect, and Justice that forms the foundation of Villa St. Benedict's community.
  • http://www.villastben.org/about/wellness-center.php Senior Wellness Center | Villa St. Benedict - Learn more about Villa St. Benedict's Wellness Center, specifically designed and equipped to provide senior residents with an active, healthy life.
  • http://www.villastben.org/about/cuisine.php Cuisine | Villa St. Benedict - Enjoy world-class cuisine from a variety of dining venues at Villa St. Benedict. Our healthy, nutritious, and delicious menu has something for everyone!
  • http://www.villastben.org/about/lifelong-learning.php Lifelong Learning | Villa St. Benedict - Learning activities are essential for a healthy, invigorating lifestyle. Discover Villa St. Benedict's commitment to lifelong learning at all ages here.
  • http://www.villastben.org/about/the-chapel.php The Sacred Heart Chapel | Villa St. Benedict - Discover the beauty and grace of The Sacred Heart Chapel, conveniently located on-grounds at Villa St. Benedict. Offering services daily.
  • http://www.villastben.org/about/bssh.php Benedictine Sisters of the Sacred Heart | Villa St. Benedict - Click here to learn about the unique relationship between the Benedictine Sisters of the Sacred Heart and Villa St. Benedict.
  • http://www.villastben.org/about/bhs.php Benedictine Health System | Villa St. Benedict - Villa St. Benedict, a Benedictine Health System center, provides a rich environment where seniors can maintain meaning and fulfillment in their lives.
  • http://www.villastben.org/about/faq.php FAQs-Assisted Living in Lisle | Villa St. Benedict - Looking for Assisted Living in Lisle? Take a tour at Villa St. Benedict. Find out about our amenities, services and special activities for seniors.
  • http://www.villastben.org/foundation/index.php Support Our Mission | Villa St. Benedict - Villa St. Benedict is a nonprofit philanthropic organization - will you support our mission? Learn about a variety of ways to support our community here.
  • http://www.villastben.org/foundation/in-memoriam.php In Memoriam | Villa St. Benedict - A gift in memoriam is a lasting gift that will honor the memory of a loved one. Read about Villa St. Benedict's donation tributes to past residents.
  • http://www.villastben.org/foundation/estate_planning.php Estate Planning | Villa St. Benedict - Estate planning is a powerful way to lend your support towards Villa St. Benedict's mission and residents. Click here to learn more.

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