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  • Amanda - This was a gift

    I got this calendar for some friends as a gift. The only thing that would have made it better would be if you could use the pages as rolling papers! haha

  • August 8 - Plan is not for me!

    I want to start by saying that for the people that this program works for....fantastic. I purchased this book and I returned it. I am a beliver that we depend on too much processed foods hidden with sugars and other bad things that are making us sick. The concept of reducing sugar and monitoring your carbs is not a new concept. I followed his plan for 3 weeks and I felt terrible at the end of that time frame. Yes, under the plan you are to restrict your sugars, but I think any plan that restricts plant based foods (fruits and vegetables) is not healthy for you. So it's OK for me to have a serving of Dorito's but can't eat an apple becuase it exceeds my amount of sugar for the day? I can have 5 blackberries? He does point out that there are a lot of items marketed as "healthy" when they really are not, and that's a step in the right direction to make people aware. But for people to only enjoy "a sliver" of bannana or 3 strips of red peppers - to me is missing the mark and the program is not truly healthy in the long run. I may be missing something, but it seems his plan relies MORE on processed foods. No Thanks!

  • Jonny Blaker - One of a kind

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