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Walk in Travel Vaccinations & Health Clinic | Marston Pharmacy Oxford - Walk In Travel Clinic Oxford is ideal for travellers requiring a quick, easy and convenient way to protect themselves. Holiday makers, business men, students and pilgrims can get travel advice, malaria medication and travel vaccinations without a doctor's prescription. Just call in for a pre-travel assessment.

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  • Amazon Customer - For pops!

    Got this for pops since he was a fanatic freak of the Beatles, particularly George Harrison as well as the legendary Sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar. It's a good thing that this arrive last week because i am gonna give this one to him as a Christmas gift this Christmas! Had them checked and they said that it is authentic!

  • jjkabiros - Ouch!!

    Let me begin by saying that whenever I feel an infection coming on I use a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide to rinse out the vagina and follow it by either the refresh gel or a Fem dophilus pill inserted inside. That has always worked for me, but I decided to try this product instead thinking it would be better balanced for my body. Immediately after using it my vagina didn't feel "right". Next day I had a full blown yeast infection that took almost a month to get rid of. I've NEVER had such a painful and uncomfortable infection. I know this is not supposed to be a "cure", but I really didn't expect what happened! Every woman's body is different and will react in different ways so hopefully this is only my reaction, but I will never use it again lol

  • Jessica Mize - Poor design: Steam OK, vacuum horrible

    This is a pretty crappy combo. The vacuum works very poorly and if the steam pad is on, it doesn't glide as well; but if the steam pad is off, the velcro that keeps the pad on inhibits the movement of the vacuum. I kept it only to use as a steam cleaner; which is does mediocre, at best. The hardware to keep the handle onto the vacuum body was not included in the box so I should have returned it right then and there but decided to keep it to supplement the other floor cleaning devices i have to have because this unit didn't live up to my hopes. Spend a few extra bucks and get a better model.