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  • Linda Milosavljevic - IT WORKS !

    I like this very, very much - works great for a probiotic - takes care of the bloating, gas and feeling full and miserable problem - I also lost 2 to 3 pounds, so far, I'm on my 3rd week of using this product. So the "slim" part of the name seems to work also. It's a PLUS-PLUS!

  • Amazon Customer - Not as good as I hoped.

    This compuer is pretty slow. Loses connection with wlan. Was able to gain some speed by deleting McAfee. NOTE: You cannot do this: Memory:: (Memory RAM Expandable To 8 GB) . No. The RAM is built in. There is no expansion slot.

  • annesviewonly - Best and cheapest mashed potatoes period. Just do the directions.

    Made in the USA in Lewisville Idaho, we hope the potatoes are grown in the USA. The producers name Idahoan Foods transmits the idea the ingredients were grown in Idaho but the label omits ' where grown' and 'produced' is a catch all vague phrase meaning manufactured from

  • wolfie - got a minute...that's how long the coins last

    The graphics are gorgeous, the slots are fun, BUT the coins don't last at all long. I bought coins and the slots got tighter. The designers really understand how too hook you,, but not buying any more coins. WOULD have given it a five star rating if they paid more so I could have played longer than 10 minutes

  • Gregory L. Borchert - Must Have for Backpackers

    I love my Grayl Ultralight. I backpack a lot in the Colorado Rockies, and water weight is a penalty you want to avoid uphill. With my Grayl on a recent 3 day trek, I easily stayed hydrated and had fresh water for all my needs. I carried one Nalgene which I filled from the Grayl, and then with the slender design of this unit was able to carry fresh water in a pocket of my hiking pants. So easy and convenient. None of the hassles of separate filters.