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Wellesley Medical: A Proactive Health Center | - Wellesley Medical, office of Dr. Shafipour, is a West Los Angeles based proactive primary care center delivering preventative medical care, nutrition consultation and weight loss.

  • http://www.wellesleymd.com/about-wellesley A PROACTIVE HEALTH CENTER | Wellesley Medical: A Proactive Health Center - We are a proactive health center with dietitians, physicians, family doctors and general practicioners available to provide quality servics in weight loss, wellness, nutrition consulting and family medicine.
  • http://www.wellesleymd.com/services Create Contact Wellesley | Wellesley Medical: A Proactive Health Center - Our family doctor, Dr. Shafipour, also acts as a dietitian, physician and general practitioner offering services in primary care, preventive medicine, nutrition consultation and weight loss.
  • http://www.wellesleymd.com/blogs/wellesley-medical Wellesley Medical's blog | Wellesley Medical: A Proactive Health Center - Wellesley Medical offering solutions to a solid Diet plan with professional dietitians. We can assist with Weight loss and help you lose fat. We also can help with thyroid problems and ensure that you get on the right fitness plan. Serving Santa Monica, Venice, West Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, Beverly Hills,CA

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  • L. B. Simons-Lane - Blunt and rust easily

    The razors are blunt and rust easily. They don't work as well as others I've used in the past. I would not buy these again. I only got one use per razor before it rusted and it was not gentle on my face because of the bluntness.

  • Reed - TV good, internet connection card terrible

    I bought from best buy on Amazon prime day (Amazon ran out). Picture and sound are great. HOWEVER... it is supposed to be a smart TV. But the wireless card sucks. Needs to be within 20 feet of the router to use streaming video. Why, well I called customer service and basically said that there isn't a separate antenna on the TV. So, while my computer, phone, tablet, etc. can get 40 mbps right next to the tv, the tv can only get 10 mbps, and the signal is intermittent, causing all sorts of interuptions and problems.

  • robert peters - Did not lose one pound. As far as I ...

    Did not lose one pound. As far as I am concerned this product is nothing but rip-off to get your money.

  • Warren Holzem - Good Coverage of the Basics

    Are you already fairly familiar with Microsoft Office? If so, you may have to hunt a bit to find something you don't already know in this book. From my perspective, it spends a lot of time explaining a lot of things that I learned fifteen years ago, albeit specifically relating them to the latest version of Office.

  • Raphael - Poor AM reception, good FM reception.

    After a week of use here is a short run: Price is good, FM reception is excellent, AM reception is poor and the looks it's ok. I have a 2011 sienna LE so it may look better in a different car or the AM reception could be better. All in all I would not recommend for a minivan.