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  • moshedanger - Good game - Play the Classic

    I feel that this version of sorry over complicates the game. Sorry by itself is a classic game that moves quickly with simple game mechanics. This adds another element, while interesting, most will ignore. If that's the case, just play the classic version. My only gripe with the game is that the cards aren't easy to distinguish with the new power ups listed on the front. So, if you've never played sorry, it might be a bit confusing.

  • floridagirl128 - need left

    Love this product. Lost left one. If u get, Id be interest! I find this to be very affordable and helped tremendously with 30% hearing lose as well as tinnitus.

  • Dale Reardon - A really comprehensive book about Champagne, the wine and the region in an easy reading style

    This is a really comprehensive book and all the champagnes have been tasted recently. I have tried a lot of the champagnes and agree with Tyson's rankings. I bought the previous edition as well so glad to get hold of this updated version. Really recommend buying the book if you want to know more about champagne, the wines and the region. I also really like Tyson's writing style - it is very detailed and gives you all the information about champagne without being snobby or pretentious.

  • Erick M. - Guitar Hero meets Rocky (not Rocky 5!)

    Wow. I'm not an athlete, nor anything close to the cover of a Mens Health Magazine (sorry I like food and beer too much!), but I am now, is a believer in Moov Cardio Boxing. I don't run, can barely swim, don't have a bike, and at the moment cannot complete a full body weight workout, but I have advanced to the intermediate level of Cardio Boxing! This is like 'Guitar Hero meets Rocky' (not Rocky 5!).

  • Ricardo Mio - Alastair Sim is why this Scrooge is tops

    Why is this the best "Christmas Carol" ever made? The answer: Alastair Sim. As Ebenezer Scrooge, the unbridled joy he conveys on Christmas morning, after being visited in the night by three spirits, is more than a transformative moment, it's a miracle. We see a tremendous weight being lifted--the weight of a life lived in pursuit of money, in which everything of lasting value has been sacrificed--love, happiness, and family. And with it comes the realization that he has been given a second chance. Scrooge is so happy he cannot contain himself. He jumps for joy! It's this moment that Alastair Sim expresses magnificently. Before the three visitations, he conveyed the dark, dour and sour side of Scrooge with perfect villainy. But it is the born-again Scrooge, the man who sees the errors of his way and is chastened, truly chastened--that's when the film delivers the goods. Scrooge is reborn. Of course, the deal is not complete unless he changes his ways. He must become a giving, loving, and whole human being again. Will he? Can he? Mr. Sim's characterization is so heartfelt and so genuine that we know Scrooge will become a loving benefactor, not just to Bob Cratchit and his family, but to the downtrodden of London. The narrator tells us this at the closing credits, but we do not need to be told. That's the magic of this film: we are participants in Scrooge's transformation; we too become true believers. Alastair Sim is the catalyst that brings this small miracle to fruition. And, as Tiny Tim observed, God Bless Us, Every One!

  • C. Pallay - Great Product

    Very thick lotion (almost a cream) with a nice smell and natural ingredients. Whenever I want one of my tattoos to look particularly bright, and especially in the winter when they can get dull (from dry winter skin), I apply this lotion.