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Dentist Augusta GA, Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening, Dental Implants - West Augusta Dental Associates & Drs. Clepper, Clepper, and Turner offer cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, veneers, bonding, crowns & more. 706-738-8070.

  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/patient-info/ Introduction Dentist Office Augusta GA, West Augusta Dental Associates - West Augusta Dental Associates is often recommended to our patients' friends, we also receive numerous Doctor referrals. Call us at 706-738-8070 today.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/patient-info/office-tour-video/ Office Tour Video Augusta GA, West Augusta Dental Associates - West Augusta Dental Associates & Dentist Douglas P. Clepper DMD, Gregory A. Clepper DMD or Robert F. Turner DMD in Augusta GA offers Cosmetic Dentistry, 706-738-8070
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/patient-info/first-visit/ First Visit Augusta GA | Dental Consultation Martinez GA - Your First Visit to Augusta GA Dentists will address emergency dental care or will be a consultation with treatment options. Call 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/patient-info/online-patient-registration/ Patient Registration Augusta GA | Online Registration Martinez GA - Preregister with Augusta GA Dentist. Fill out our Patient Registration Form in advance. Secure, private online form. 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/patient-info/after-hour-emergencies/ Dental Emergency Augusta GA | Dentist Emergency Martinez GA - We understand that dental emergency situations do arise, we are available after hours. In case of an emergency call us at 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/patient-info/financial-policy/ Dental Financial Information Augusta GA | Dental Payment Options - Financial Information, Financial Policy, and Payment Options for Augusta GA Dentists. Schedule an appointment now! 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/patient-info/carecredit-payment-option/ CareCredit Augusta GA | Dental Payment Options Martinez GA - The cost of dental treatment can be high due to some patient's dental condition, so we offer CareCredit as an option. Please Call 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/patient-info/dental-insurance/ Dental Insurance Augusta GA | Dentist Insurance Martinez GA - Providing information on dental insurance and insurance options at West Augusta Dental Associates. Call to discuss your dental insurance. 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/patient-info/infection-control/ Infection Control Augusta GA | Dental Sterilization Martinez GA - Augusta GA Dentists incorporate infection control into all of their dental work, ensuring all dental work and instruments are sterile. Call 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/patient-info/home-care-instructions/after-crown-and-bridge/ After Crowns & Bridges Augusta GA | Dental Home Care instructions - Dentists provide online home care instructions for after dental crowns & bridges. Check out website or call 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/patient-info/home-care-instructions/after-fillings/ Home Care Instructions After Fillings Augusta GA - West Augusta Dental Associates provides online home care instructions for after dental fillings. Check our website. 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/patient-info/home-care-instructions/after-porcelain-veneers-or-crowns/ Home Care Instructions After Porcelain Veneers or Crowns Augusta GA - Augusta Dentists suggest avoiding biting hard food, sticky candy, and objects after getting Porcelain Veneers, Teeth Veneers or Crowns. Call 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/patient-info/home-care-instructions/after-extractions/ After Tooth Extraction Augusta GA | Home Care After Tooth Removal - After Tooth Extraction, it is important not to disturb or dislodge the blood clot as it aids healing. Please call with questions or concerns 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/dental-health/ Dental Health Augusta GA | Brushing and Flossing Martinez GA - Our Dentists provide information on Oral hygiene, specifically brushing and flossing, a vital part of your dental health. Call 706-738-8070 with questions.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/dental-health/bad-breathflossing-clips/ Bad Breath Online Dental Video Augusta GA, Halitosis - West Augusta Dental Associates provides online Dental Videos on the causes of bad breath. Visit our website. 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/dental-health/bad-breathflossing-clips/how-to-floss/ How to Floss Dental Video Augusta GA | West Augusta Dental Associates - View Dr. Douglas Clepper's instructional video on how to floss. Visit our Website! 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/dental-health/bad-breathflossing-clips/why-floss/ Why Floss Augusta GA | Dentist Videos Martinez GA - View Dr. Douglas Clepper's instructional video on why flossing is good for you. Visit our Website! 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/dental-health/bad-breathflossing-clips/all-about-flossing/ All About Flossing Dental Video Augusta GA - View Dr. Douglas Clepper's instructional video All About Flossing. Visit our Website! 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/dental-health/dental-specialties/ Dental Specialties Augusta GA | Dental Specialists Martinez GA - Augusta Dentists Drs. Clepper, Clepper & Turner offer descriptions of the various dental specialties. Call our office at 706-738-8070 regarding referrals.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/dental-health/periodontal-maintenance-2/ Periodontal Maintenance Augusta GA | Gum Disease, Periodontal Disease - We offer Periodontal Maintenance Treatments to thoroughly clean teeth to prevent gum disease and decay caused by bacterial plaque. Call 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/dental-health/periodontal-maintenance-2/periodontal-disease/ Periodontal Disease Augusta GA | About Gum Disease Martinez GA - Dentist explains how supporting gum tissue and bone that holds teeth in place deteriorates when a patient has Periodontal Disease. Call 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/dental-health/periodontal-maintenance-2/preventing-gum-disease/ Preventing Gum Disease Augusta GA, Prevent Periodontal Disease - Augusta Dentist explains best way to prevent gum disease is daily brushing & flossing as well as regular professional exams & cleanings. Call 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/dental-health/choosing-oral-hygiene-products/ Choosing Dental Care Products Augusta GA | Fluoride Toothpaste - West Augusta Dental Associates offers suggestions for choosing dental care products that will work for most patients. Call 706-738-8070 with questions.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/dental-health/professional-cleaning/ Teeth Cleaning Augusta GA |, Professional Teeth Cleaning - Your visit to our office is an important part preventing gum disease and help you keep your teeth for your lifetime.. Schedule a cleaning now. 706-738-8070.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/dental-health/sugar-and-your-teeth/ Sugar and Teeth Augusta GA | Tooth Decay Video | West Augusta Dental - Dentists warn about sugary beverages and snacking consumption causing trend of rampant cavities in young adults. Call 706-738-8070 for your dental health.
  • http://www.westaugustadental.com/dental-health/older-adults-and-decay/ Older Adults and Tooth Decay Augusta GA | Geriatric Dentistry - Older patients are at increased risk for tooth decay for several reasons: snacking, gum recession, and dexterity in their hands. 706-738-8070

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