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Wise Health System: Hospitals and clinics in Decatur, Bridgeport, and Fort Worth - Includes information on Wise Health System medical services, physicians and locations throughout the North Texas area.

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  • markus sroczynski - Facials are fun and easy to use! Great results.

    These facials are so moisturizing and really tighten my skin to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! I use them before going out, just 45min and they work great! I really love the smell too because the are all natural, Non-GMO, botanically infused! I get mine fresh and straight from the source at www.caligreenfit.com so I know they are not expired or knock offs. Caligreenfit.com has excellent products and customer service and satisfaction. I believe they are even cheaper if you do the 90 day challenge 💚

  • Funky Winkerbean - Complete with zombie mini game!

    That's right, a zombie mini game! And it's really fun rail shooter, you kill zombies by playing the chords above their heads and get boss fights and cutscenes. You'd think a zombie game would be way out of place in a game like this but it works on so many levels. There are a bunch of other mini games as well. Pretty much all of them I've tried so far have been awesome.

  • Tina - It really works for brighter my eyes!

    I never believed I would look old in my thirties, but a careless lifestyle meant that I saw my first wrinkle at the age of 34. I went overboard with skin care products ever since, but nothing offered the kind of benefits that this eye serum gave to my skin. Within just two weeks of application, my eye area already looks and feels younger and brighter.

  • Brian Kelly - Should have listened to the reviews...

    I read a bunch of bad things about it's performance and I chose to buy it anyway... This machine can't toss a baseball more than 18 inches on the air... Then I loaded the wiffle balls and it was launching them in all different directions... What a disappointment..

  • breakwaterbill - would rate zero stars if that was an option

    Many others have registered the same types of complaints. It's hard to believe a product can be this bad. My HD Hero3 Black edition freezes up randomly and cannot be restarted without removing and replacing the battery. It loses video files. It stops recording randomly. It locks up transferring files to the MAC or PC. The backpack touch screen rarely works and is useless - the touchscreen cannot be used at all when wet. Control via wifi is painfully slow, works only sporadically, and cannot be used to playback anything that has been recorded. No real information about issues and solutions is available from GoPro's online support - I have had problem ticket assigned but no actual contact with a tech rep. So far this has been about $600 totally wasted. I got this to replace a GoPro2 which was slightly more reliable but not very durable - I mistakenly assumed this one would be an improvement.