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  • Wesley H. - Best choline (next to CDP-choline)

    Choline is essential for brain health. While dietary choline is usually enough for most people, sometimes there is a need for a bit more, such as nootropic users, that use racetams in particular. CDP choline is my personal favorite, since it converts to uridine in the body, but alpha gpc is a close second, and has some nice effects on growth hormone with makes it ideal for brain building and body building! This product is reasonably priced and dosed, which I am very happy with.

  • Jill Clardy - Eclectic Collection of Interesting Essays

    I've been enjoying the annual collection of travel essays for many years now, and the 2013 installment lives up to my expectations. I enjoy the format of the book, with essays and articles of various lengths on a wide variety of topics. I can pick up the book and choose a short or long article depending on how much time I have to devote. Though they're considered to fit the genre of "travel writing", some only loosely adhere to that genre.

  • Amazon Customer - Beware caused extreme bloating

    This caused extreme bloating and had to stop using it. When I looked at the warnings it states may have been manufactured where shellfish is processed - well I am allergic to shellfish. Would have been nice to have known this before I purchased this product. I felt miserable the entire time I tried this product and still have 3/4 of a package left. What a waste of money.

  • Paul Simard - To good to be true

    These racks are for extreme light duty. Mounted both mountain bikes. Bikes were swaying left to right. The mount points on these racks are plastic vs oem which are metal. Shipping weight 5lbs. oem 11lbs. Returned for a refund and purchased Honda crossbars. Night and Day in comparison?

  • Joyce J Lindner - Fast. Read

    Well written following history of an era of wars. Romance, intrigue, and surprise. Found the characters described and portrayed very well. Recommend this novel to a novice of this time period.

  • jacobe1026 - Great for Guitar/Bass players of all Experience

    The installation was very easy and straight forward. Everything loads fast on my SSD. The game takes up less space than the size of a single disc.

  • Tami - Georgie+Gianluca+Gelato=5 stars

    I've been looking forward to Georgie's book since we met her this summer. She is quite the character! And I was not disappointed. RS Grey delivers an emotional romance filled with her classic wit and comedic timing. Her writing in this one is fantastic. I was truly transported to Italy in this one.