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  • James Keith - Well worth watching.

    It is so important to understand our system of government and those who represent us. I've not been a fan of Obama but this really sheds light on how he thinks and why he does what he does. It is a great resource if you want to get some insight into his politics. Dinesh has a better understanding because of his own personal 3rd world experience. Well worth watching. Highly recommend if you are an American and want to see through the politics to the person.

  • dadlee - Newest fleet addition

    Fifth visit to the Hess line for this grandfather, with as good a result as the first, second, third, and fourth. I have yet to order a vehicle that did not match the description in Amazon's online display, including both new and used models -- commendable both for the online store and its suppliers. Given that this is a Hess truck, I have faith that it will survive the crash! boom! bam! that awaits -- the others have weathered their years splendidly.

  • GL!+cH - better taste, supposedly extra strength

    The coated ones are a little different than the normal ones I was getting before. Smaller pills, better taste, supposedly extra strength... I've only had the product for one day, though.. So too soon to tell if it works.

  • taylor swift (real name) - NOT WHAT I WOULD CALL ''GOOD CONDITION'' AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the book itself is fine. however the binding was broken when it arrived. the used review said '' used-good''. I expected once and a while a note or two. instead the binding was completely broken and the pages sticking out of the book. that is not what I call ''good condition''. I would call that bad condition. because I was expecting and good copy for a used book. instead I found a big peace of junk. I would make the review used BAD condition. so ''good condition'' to the review is BAD condition to everyone else in this world. I WAS NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL!!!!!

  • flowerkitty - Love this Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Scrub

    Love this Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Scrub! The strawberry smell was not harsh at all to me. I like the pump dispenser as I tend to waste products when I have to just dump them into my hand. I have used this on my face, elbows, hands, heels & feet. I need about 2 gallons of this scrub! I get rid of my very dry rough skin on my elbows & feet. My face feels & looks more alive & smooth after use. It has strawberries & green apple & other natural ingredients. So you get fresh skin & get rid of the dull, dry cells. Yum! The winter wind here is so harsh & I now have a solution! I did receive this scrub at a reduced cost for an honest opinion. Thank You!!

  • Likes service - Great for achieving a healthier feminine pH

    This is specially good for post-menopausal women as the lack ok estrogen can increase feminine pH. Rephresh is a good way to maintain a more acidic feminine pH in between topical dosages of prescription estradiol. Although prescription estradiol does lower feminine pH, the ph level never gets down to the normal low range seen in healthy reproductive women. A more acidic feminine pH is though to be consistent with a healthier profile of microbes, some of which also contribute to a more acidic pH. Using Rephresh augments the effect of using estradiol. pH decrease with Rephresh is temporary and mroe transient if used without prescription estradiol.