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  • KeziaPurrs - Cool Software but where's the sound?!

    I just purchased this yesterday and have tinkered with it for only an hour or so. This seems like a really valuable tool for learning guitar. I'm a beginner and it starts off perfectly for my level of playing.

  • thebrakeman - Good clean fun...

    The regular "Just Dance" games have too much smut music on them. We don't let our girls listed to that demeaning junk on radio/mp3, so we don't want them dancing to it either. But this is good fun for the younger ones. My 15 year old will dance around with her younger sisters, but probably wouldn't with her friends over. It's too bad they don't make a PG rated adult version that doesn't include gangster-rap type songs. But I guess that what the mainstream public wants.

  • Angela - Good book, just not for me

    I was looking forward to reading this Christmas book, but it wasn't what I expected. It had a great message, however I just couldn't connect with the characters, or the story. Julia seemed too perfect, always upbeat and happy, but at the same time she was judgemental and didn't hesitate to use him for her own gain. She didn't stop to think that maybe there were reasons for Cain not wanting to be happy and enjoying the holidays, and decided that because she liked them that everyone else should too. All the while, she's using him as a test subject for her blog, without his knowledge, trying to land her perfect job. I'm not against helping others get into the spirit of the holidays, but I also don't believe in interfering in others private lives, or using people and their emotions for personal gain. 

  • Donna Lipsey - My concern is how do you know what you receive ...

    My concern is how do you know what you receive is the actual product you ordered. There is no packing information or information about the product. Sealed bag with powder substance which I hope is what I ordered. I'm hesitant to use it in my home.