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Xu Wellness Center | Spa And Chinese Medicine Clinic - At Xu Wellness Center in Memphis TN, we provide Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Services, and Spa Pampering. Our philosophy is whole body health.

  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/about-us/about-xu-wellness-center-cordova-tn/ About Xu Wellness Center in Cordova TN - Learn more about Xu Wellness Center in Cordova TN! We provide holistic health care for those suffering with chronic pain and we also provide spa services.
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/about-us/faqs/ FAQs for Acupuncture and Massage- Xu Wellness Center - Questions about acupuncture or our spa services? Find all of our FAQs here! Have any more questions? Contact us directly! We are happy to help!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/traditional-chinese-medicine-cordova-tn/ Traditional Chinese Medicine in Cordova TN - Xu Wellness - Wondering how Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you? Call (901) 737-8282 to set up an appointment for a free consultation in Cordova TN!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/traditional-chinese-medicine-cordova-tn/memphis-acupuncture/ Acupuncture in Memphis - Xu Wellness Center - Free Memphis acupuncture consultation available. We offer acupuncture for chronic pain and illness! Call (901) 737-8282 and book an appointment today!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/traditional-chinese-medicine-cordova-tn/dr-mark-xu-lac-cordova-tn/ Mark Xu, Lac, Acupuncturist in Cordova TN - Xu Wellness - Come see our licensed acupuncturist Mark Xu, with many years of experience, for a free consultation! We are located at 235 Germantown Bend Cove, Cordova TN.
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/traditional-chinese-medicine-cordova-tn/ear-stapling-cordova-tn/ Ear Stapling in Cordova TN - Xu Wellness Center - Interested in trying out ear stapling? Call (901) 737-8282 to see if it's for you or visit us in Cordova, TN! We are located on Germantown Bend Cove!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/traditional-chinese-medicine-cordova-tn/cosmetic-acupuncture-cordova-tn/ Cosmetic Acupuncture in Cordova TN - Xu Wellness Center - "Turn back the clock" naturally with cosmetic acupuncture here at Xu Wellness Center in Cordova TN! Call (901) 737-8282 to book an appointment!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/chinese-medicinal-herbs-in-cordova-tn/ Chinese Medicinal Herbs in Cordova TN - Xu Wellness Center - Looking for Chinese Medicinal herbs in Cordova, TN? Call us at (901) 737-8282 to schedule a consultation with our very own Herbologist!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/womens-health/ Women's Health – Xu Wellness Center - Women's health concerns vary at all different ages and that's why we want to help. Stay informed about treatment methods for all kinds of ailments.
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/womens-health/acupuncture-infertility-cordova-tn/ Acupuncture for Infertility in Cordova, TN - Here at Xu Wellness Center we specialize in acupuncture for infertility! Does it really work? Read more to find out or visit us in Cordova, TN!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/womens-health/ivf-enhancement/ IVF Enhancement – Xu Wellness Center - Did you know that Chinese Medicine can help with IVF Enhancement? Come for a free consultation and talk to our experienced TCM practitioner!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/traditional-chinese-medicine-cordova-tn/spinal-traction-therapy/ Spinal Traction Therapy – Xu Wellness Center - We provide the best care possible to all our clients! Call (901) 737-8282 to learn more about our Spinal Traction Therapy.
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/traditional-chinese-medicine-cordova-tn/gua-sha-cordova-tn/ Gua Sha in Cordova, TN - Xu Wellness Center - Gua Sha works by increasing the flow of Qi for a pain relieving effect. Call (901) 737-8282 or come into our Cordova, TN location!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/traditional-chinese-medicine-cordova-tn/cupping-cordova-tn/ Cupping Treatment in Cordova TN - Xu Wellness Center - Cupping treatments benefit people with a wide range of pain and respiratory conditions. Call (901) 737-8282 or visit us at our Cordova TN location!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/traditional-chinese-medicine-cordova-tn/moxibustion-cordova-tn/ Moxibustion in Cordova TN - Xu Wellness Center - Moxibustion is a TCM treatment that can help many ailments. Looking for moxibustion treatment? Visit us at our Cordova, TN location or call (902) 737-8282!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/weight-management-memphis/nutrition-and-health-memphis/ Nutrition And Health – Xu Wellness Center - Looking to learn more about nutrition and health? Don't know to manage your own? Then check out Xu Wellness Center! Call (901) 737-8282
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/new-patient-forms/medical-service-forms/spa-services-cordova-tn/ Spa Services In Cordova TN - Xu Wellness Center - When you come to Xu Wellness Center, you'll see that we have many spa services to offer! There's something for everyone here! Visit us in Cordova TN!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/spa-packages-cordova-tn/ Spa Packages in Cordova TN - Xu Wellness Center - Spa packages to help you relax during any stressful or detoxing time! Visit us at 235 Germantown Bend Cove, Cordova TN. We are here for you and your health!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/spa-packages-cordova-tn/detox-packages-cordova-tn/ Detox Packages – Xu Wellness Center - Detoxing? Come in for one of our detox packages and help your journey along! We are located in Cordova, TN.
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/new-patient-forms/medical-service-forms/spa-services-cordova-tn/cordova-tn-massage-therapy/ Massage Therapy in the Cordova TN - Xu Wellness Center - Looking for massage therapy in Cordova, TN? With many types of massages and skilled therapists, you're sure to find what you need at Xu Wellness Center!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/new-patient-forms/medical-service-forms/spa-services-cordova-tn/cordova-tn-massage-therapy/meet-the-therapists/ Meet The Therapists – Xu Wellness Center - Come in and meet the massage therapists at Xu Wellness Center! Finding a good therapist is key to enjoying massage therapy! Don't allow yourself to suffer!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/new-patient-forms/medical-service-forms/spa-services-cordova-tn/cordova-tn-massage-therapy/swedish-massage-cordova-tn/ Swedish Massage in Cordova TN- Xu Wellness Center - Looking to relax? Book an appointment for our Swedish massage! Call (901) 737-8282 and visit us at 235 Germantown Bend Cove, Cordova TN!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/new-patient-forms/medical-service-forms/spa-services-cordova-tn/cordova-tn-massage-therapy/deep-tissue-massage-cordova-tn/ Deep Tissue Massage in Cordova, TN - Xu Wellness Center - Looking for deep tissue massage? Give us a call at Xu Wellness Center of Cordova, TN. Our licensed massage therapists are here to help you! (901) 737-8282
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/new-patient-forms/medical-service-forms/spa-services-cordova-tn/cordova-tn-massage-therapy/hot-stone-massage/ Hot Stone Massage In Cordova TN - Xu Wellness Center - Looking for the healing effects of a hot stone massage? Call (901) 737-8282 and schedule yours at Xu Wellness Center in Cordova TN, today!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/new-patient-forms/medical-service-forms/spa-services-cordova-tn/prenatal-massage-cordova-tn/ Prenatal Massage in Cordova, TN - Xu Wellness Center - A prenatal massage can go a long way in making an expectant mother less stressed. Call (901) 737-8282 and book yours today in Cordova, TN!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/new-patient-forms/medical-service-forms/spa-services-cordova-tn/couples-massage-cordova-tn/ Couple's Massage in Cordova, TN - Xu Wellness Center - Looking for a relaxing way to spend time with your significant other or friend? Try a couple's massage at Xu Wellness Center in Cordova, TN!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/new-patient-forms/medical-service-forms/spa-services-cordova-tn/colon-hydrotherapy-cordova-tn/ Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment in cordova TN - Looking for colon hydrotherapy in Cordova, TN? You've come to the right place. We have a comfortable environment and a certified colon hydrotherapist!
  • http://www.xuwellnesscenter.com/new-patient-forms/medical-service-forms/spa-services-cordova-tn/infrared-sauna-memphis/ Infrared Sauna – Xu Wellness Center - Looking to detox your body? Why not start with our infrared sauna? This service is also extremely useful for those who suffer with chronic pain!

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  • Matt_P - great value - easy to install

    This items was very easy to install, I saw many reviews about it being hard to install or instructions not being very clear, however, I found it very easy to install and anyone who can handle an Allen wrench can install it. Simply read the label that says "front", "rear" and "this side forward" .

  • Angela M - Love Skinnytaste, but this book was dissapointing.

    I had this pre-ordered for months. I love Gina's website refer people there often for healthy recipes. I loved the first cookbook.

  • Lisa Kay - The bomb!

    Just want to let you know this product is the bomb! We bought a new house over a year ago and I have been researching and trying floor care products ever since. I have natural or light stained oak floors with a urethane finish. When we moved in they were very glossy, but over time they seemed to dull. I clean and vacuum often so they weren't dirty. My neighbors thought the finish was beautiful but I knew what they looked like on move in day. Today I tried Quick Shine and I am SO please. I only had time to apply one coat but the difference is very noticeable. Application was quick and easy. If you are looking for that wet or glossy look this is the product for you!